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Graduates are important to the future of Pony Club because they are the voice of its history. Alumni involvement brings current and future members organizational sustainability. With many ways to be involved in the Pony Club mission, there is something for everyone. There are special direct alumni mailings, sponsor savings, alumni membership (which includes access to educational offerings), and volunteering opportunities. Some Alumni even choose to start new clubs or centers or get involved with committees regionally and nationally. Articles, reunions, events, special recognition, educational offerings, and online services like ShopPonyClub are available to alumni.

USPC Has Missed You!

Is this your first visit back to Pony Club? Welcome back! Please take the time to fill out the Alumni Questionnaire to let us know what you've been doing since you graduated from Pony Club.

Have you moved or had a name change? Help keep our records up-to-date by completing the Change of Address form. Stay connected!

Get Caught Up

Find out what’s happening in Pony Club today by checking out the Pony Club Updates page, or flip through issues of the Pony Club News magazine.  Visit the Calendar page to find out about Pony Club activities and events coming to your area. 

Become a Member

Pony Club offers a variety of memberships to fit the individual needs of our members. 

The alumni membership gives quick access to digital publications and our bi-monthly Pony Club E-news communication.

Another way to stay actively involved is to consider re-joining Pony Club as a participating member, which is now open to all ages.

Learn more about all of the membership options.


Volunteers play a vital part in every club and center. Graduates are treasured and are a valued asset to any club, center, or region. If you would like to get involved, please complete the Volunteer form, and we will send you a list of clubs and centers in your area.

Start a Program

Pony Club Alumni are vital in continuing the tradition of Pony Club. Starting a club or center is a great way to give back to the Pony Club mission while deepening the equine education in your area.  If there is interest in your area to start a Pony Club program, visit the Start a Club/Center page to learn more.

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