The Trip Harting Fund

The Trip Harting Fund is financed through donations to The Dressage Foundation from Trip's friends and supporters. This fund provides grants up to $500 for a current or graduate rider with a Pony Club Certification of B or A to assist in attending the USDF "L” Education Program or USDF Instructor Certification Program.

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Instruction Certification Program (ICP) Opportunities

USPC will be hosting a USEA ICP Young Event Horse Workshop, June 15-17, 2018 in Waterford, CA at Lone Tree Farm. This workshop is to give Pony Club Instructors and Upper Level PC members (18 or older) an opportunity to acquire a knowledge base, both theoretical and practical, upon which they can continue to build throughout their teaching lifetime. This workshop will be open to the general public as well, on a space-available basis.

USPC participating candidate instructors will be chosen based upon their active instruction at the Club, Regional and National level. Space is limited to 8 participating instructors whose fee to participate is a scholarship through the Eleanor Brennan Fund. Travel and housing will be the participants responsibility but camping is available at this specific workshop location.

The USEA ICP Young Event Horse Workshop is unique and slightly different than the regular Dressage and Jumping ICP Workshops. Please visit the USEA website for more detail on this workshop and the opportunities that exist.

• If you are interested in applying for the USEA ICP Young Event Horse Workshop in June, or planning to come audit,  please fill out this application
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Eleanor Brennan Memorial Fund

The Eleanor Brennan Memorial Fund was established to aid USPC in funding Instructor Certification Programs for Pony Club Instructors and upper-level members. USPC will award grants up to $500 to applicants who qualify for this scholarship. Fill out the application with required recommendations to be considered for this scholarship.

Eleanor Brennan Memorial Fund Application

Eleanor Brennan Memorial Fund Recommendation