Metropolitan Region Show Jumping Rally

June 4, 2023

Opening April 7, 2023 Closing Date: May 27, 2023
Fees: Entry fee is $85 per team member Make checks payable to "Metropolitan Region"

$25 per team for incomplete, late entries or any changes received after 5/27/23

Eligibility Requirements: D1+ eligible to attend as Stable Managers

D1 eligible for ground poles D1 & D2 eligible for X-rails

Divisions: qualifying
Modified Junior Introductory D-2 EV/HSE 10-17
Junior Introductory C-1 EV/HSE 12-17
Modified Senior Introductory D-2 EV/HSE 18 +
Senior Introductory C-1 EV/HSE 18 +
Modified Junior Developing Horse/Rider D-2 EV/HSE 10-17
Junior Developing Horse/Rider C-1 EV/HSE 12-17
Modified Senior Developing Horse/Rider D-2 EV/HSE 18 +
Senior Developing Horse/Rider C-1 EV/HSE 18 +
Junior Advanced C-1 EV/HSE 12-17
Senior Advanced C-1 EV/HSE 18 +
Lloyd Harbor Equestrian Center
33 Lloyd Harbor Road
Huntington, New York 11743
Laura Masiakos
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