Southwest Region - Desert Hooves PC Certification Rating

November 12, 2023

Fall Club Level Certification Testing

Our club will be hosting a local-level testing for members wishing to obtain a D-Level or C-Level rating for either the Eventing or Western tracks. Members may test in Horse Management only, Riding only, or both via a combined test. Riding certifications may only be issued to members that have an equal to or higher Horse Management certification. If there is any interest for a member in dual tests or C-Level testing, please talk to Tracie.

The purpose of a testing is to measure and define a member's current skill level compared to the USPC Standards of Proficiency, and to recognize this achievement. Members are not required to test, but rather should have made a conscious decision that they want to test. This should be a positive educational experience that encourages a candidate to 'show and tell' what he or she knows and has learned as a member of the US Pony Club program.

Some things to keep in mind:

- Candidates should be well rested and have had a good breakfast

- Candidates should be punctual and well-prepared for all phases of testing.

- Candidates should be sure to review the USPC Standards of Proficiency, study guide material, and actual test sheets with a parent and/or their trainer in the weeks prior to the testing. This information can all be found (and printed out) under the member profile at

- Candidates should also be sure to prepare their tack and mounts in the weeks prior to the testing. Don't wait until the day before to clean your tack or horse - these tasks should be part of your routine and done on a regular basis. When done regularly as part of your horse management, you will build the habits that are the fundamental skills needed for future learning in Pony Club.

- Candidates will need to RSVP for this event as well as post the section(s) they wish to test for in the comments.

- Tests are paid in advance with no refunds should you change your mind after the registration deadline.

Testing is tentatively scheduled to begin at 8:00am and candidates should arrive on time in proper attire with any required item(s) on hand that they might need. Testing can last a few hours, so please bring a drink and a snack. Parents can discuss a meal plan, such as pizza, if they so wish to coordinate that.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to another Pony Club members, parents, or club leaders.

Invoices will be sent out prior to testing. Upon receipt of payment your rider will be added to the roster. The Testing Schedule, including assigned turnout times, will be emailed to each candidate before day of testing.
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