The Stabling Form for Championships will be available beginning June 15th through July 8th, 2021.

All requests for Early Arrival and Layover Stabling should be made directly to the stabling location of your choosing. Please see the list below for a detailed contact list of available facilities providing early arrival and layover stabling for Festival Championships and Education.

Layover Stabling Information

Stabling at
the Kentucky Horse Park

Stabling FAQs

Need early arrival or layover stabling before, during or after Festival Championships?  Look no further!  Check here for a list of locations around the Bluegrass offering early arrival or layover stabling for your trip to Kentucky!

NOTE: Please be aware, there will be NO EARLY ARRIVAL or LAYOVER STABLING available at the Kentucky Horse Park before, during, or after the competition.  All early arrival and layover scheduling will need to be handled at the competitor's discretion and is the sole responsibility of the competitor.

Stall Deposits & Stall Stripping

All Championships mounted competitors and Education mounted participants will be required to send a $50 stall deposit check directly to the USPC National Office prior to Championships/Education.  This check will be destroyed following verification of the competitors'/participants' stall being stripped of bedding.  Any competitor/participant who does not strip their stall prior to moving out will lose their stall deposit.

**Those participating in both Championships and Education must submit two separate $50 stall deposits.**

Competitors will be stabled with their Regional teams, by competition discipline.  Stabling facilities at the Kentucky Horse Park feature over 1000 10' by 10' box stalls with solid wooden walls.  Stall fronts feature a wooden lower and metal-barred upper, allowing for excellent airflow and visibility for their occupants.  Stall floors are asphalt; ample bedding is a MUST.

Stall Assignments

Championships stall assignments will be emailed to the competitors on Monday, July 19th; Education stall assignments will be emailed to the participants the week of July 19th.  All stabling assignments will be posted on the Stabling page of the website.

Stall Cards

All Championships mounted competitors and Education mounted participants must have a completed stall card, including mount information and owner contact information.  These stall cards should be left on the stalls upon move-out to help identify the owners of unstripped stalls.

Bedding, Hay, & Feed

No bedding, hay, or feed is provided with your Championships or Education registration.  You may bring your own, pre-order from Dever (859-233-9702) the week prior to move-in, or purchase from Dever onsite.  Rural King, Southern States, and TSC (all in Georgetown, Ky) are also readily available options for bedding and feed, though we recommend bringing bedding, hay, and feed your horse is familiar with if at all possible.

  • Can I bring stall mats?
    YES!  Mats are welcome at the Kentucky Horse Park. 
  • Shavings or Straw?
    EITHER! The Kentucky Horse Park allows both bedding types for use in their stalls.
  • Are there outlets for fans? 
    YES! Please see the Kentucky Horse Park's Competitor and General Info page for appropriate use of outlets and fan hanging procedures.
  • Is there water access?
    YES! Each barn has multiple water spigots along the aisle.  Hoses are not provided so be sure to bring your own.
  • Can my horse be turned out?
    YES! Turnout paddocks may be rented through Dever (859-233-9702) for the duration of Festival Championships and Education.  Space is VERY LIMITED so reserve early if possible.
  • Is stabling included in my entry fee?
    YES! Stabling for Championships is included in your Championships entry.
  • Do I need to strip my stall during move-out?
    YES! To ensure the return of your stall deposit, stalls MUST be stripped prior to leaving the Kentucky Horse Park grounds.


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