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Competition is important to any individual’s development. It builds confidence, helps with goal setting, planning, relationships, and team work. Competing creates a need to better oneself and promotes a healthy drive to succeed in all aspects of life.

Much like the Olympic Equestrian Teams, Pony Club organized competitions are team based. While portions of the competition are scored based on each individual’s performance, it is by working together that all team members perform to the best of their ability.  Awards are given both individually and for teams based on accumulation of points for horsemanship skills as well as riding.

Competitions in Pony Club are an opportunity for members to put the skills they have learned in their mounted and unmounted meetings to the test. At the Local and Regional levels competitions are called “Rallies.” In a Rally there are eight sports disciplines that may be offered; Dressage, Eventing, Show-Jumping, Games, Polocrosse, Tetrathlon, Polo, and Quiz (non-riding, knowledge based). Pony Club members are eligible to compete at Rallies based on their age and certification level. If they receive a qualifying score at a qualifying rally, they are eligible to compete at the National Level during USPC Championships.


Rallies are offered at the local and regional levels and offer the opportunity for members to learn what a competition is and how to compete successfully. Pony Club Members compete on teams from their club or center.  These competitions range from introductory, such as “Everything But The Horse,” to qualifying divisions for Championships.

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Championships are held each summer. Once, every three years, Championships are held in conjunction with Pony Club Festival at the world famous Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. On the other years Championships are rotated to East, Central, and West to give members across the U.S. a chance to participate.  

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Other Special Opportunities

Pony Club has many different opportunities for members to compete and learn. Members may apply for International Exchanges or Pony Jumper Finals. Other special opportunities such as The Prince Philip Cup and The North American Quiz Challenge are invitational based on member’s placing’s at Pony Club competitions.

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