Below is the current list of National Youth Board Members. Please contact the chair with any questions you have about NYB, its mission, or to share ideas of topics or projects you'd like the NYB to consider.

Or you may email your ideas and comments to the NYB National Office Liaison.

NYB Delegates

Emily Aschbacher (Secretary, Marketing Committee Leader) Sunny Side Pony Club, Midsouth Region, C-1 Traditional

Kavita Bushong, Conestoga Pony Club, Delmarva Region, H-B 

Kathryn Craig (RYB Committee Leader) Baywood Pony Club, Northwest Region, H-B 

Madelynne Dey, Midnite Run Pony Club, Alaska Region, H-B

Ady Fleitz (Vice-Chair) National Member, Metropolitan Region, B Traditional

Brittany Flores (Service Committee Leader) Woodside Pony Club, Middle California Region, C-1 HM

Micaela Forsyth (Pin Promise Committee Leader) Pickering Hunt Pony Club, Eastern Pennsylvania Region, H-HM

Devyn Hinkle (Chair) Redwood Hills Pony Club, Middle California Region, H-B

Lily Huval (Treasurer) Plantation's Pride Pony Club, Deep South Pony Club, H-B

Anna Kate Johnson, Atlanta Pony Club, South Region, H-B

Tanner Kooistra, French Creek Pony Club, Northwest Region, C-2 Traditional

Darby Murphy (Upper Level Committee Leader) Great Plains Pony Club, Rocky Mountain Region, H-B

Erin Smith, White River Valley Pony Club Riding Center, Heartland Region, C-1 Traditional

Kaylee Van Winkle (Social Media Coordinator) Hunter's Run Pony Club, Tri-State Region, H-B

McKenzie Kielman (Advisory Member) Silver Bits Pony Club, North Central Prairie Region, H-B


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