The Visiting Instruction Program provides a unique opportunity for clubs, centers, and regions to obtain a well-qualified A, H-A, H, or B certified member to instruct in a summer, weekend, or vacation camp or clinic. All Visiting Instructors (VI) are recommended by several sources. If there is more need, special consideration will be given to placing H-B and C-3 members who demonstrate a high level of maturity and are experienced in teaching.

For expectations, helpful tips, sample schedules and other information, please read the VI Guide found in the sidebar to the left.


  • $15.00 non- refundable registration fee (to cover mailing/ copying expenses)
  • Provide travel costs for VI to and from camp. We can try to assist by grouping clubs and centers in an area and when possible share travel expenses.
  • Provide a stipend to the VI according to the following schedule and not to exceed a 7 hr day. You should not expect the VI to teach all day and chaperone campers at night. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by the chair of the VIP. VI stipend for 4-5 days with certifications of A - $300, H-A - $275, B or H $250, H-B or C-3 $225.
  • For clinic's 3 days or less the daily fee is: A - $75, H-A - $70, B or H - $65, H-B or C-3 - $60. Additional camp days beyond 5 should be figured at the above daily rate or $15.00 per hour for partial day.
  • A canceled camp request maybe subject to the cost of the VI stipend if we can not reassign the VI to another camp/location. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the VI Committee.

Host Responsibilities

  • The VIs are capable young people, but safety dictates that under no circumstances may you leave them alone without adult supervision (someone over 25 years old). The supervising adult must be familiar with local emergency procedures as recommend by the National Safety Committee and aware of any health problems of individual participants and horses. You must also provide appropriate First Aid kits (horse and human) and ensure that all participants have their medical cards or medical bracelets.
  • In the weeks prior to the camp, you must provide the VI with information about the riders and horses as well as what type of learning opportunity is needed from them while serving your club, center or region. Please communicate with the VI your needs for their visit. They like to prepare in advance and understand the expectations/needs. Remember they are young people who may need guidance.

How To Obtain a VI

  • Complete "Request for Visiting Instructors Form” and pay the $15.00 registration fee.
  • The committee will consider requests for camps, weekends, and vacation dates as they are submitted and will keep those applications on file for requests that are sent to the VI Committee.
  • No refunds are given for cancellations.
  • A canceled camp maybe subject to the cost of the Visiting Instructor stipend if we cannot reassign the VI to another camp or location. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Visiting Instruction Program Committee.


Email the Visiting Instruction Committee

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