Beginning January 1, 2010, members who are certified H-B may now progress directly to the H-HM/H/H-A Certification without doing the C-3 or B riding tests. Below are some of the initial questions about this new progression. If you have any other questions not addressed here, please contact the Instruction Director.

Q: I am an H-B member and am not ready/able to take my C-3 or B riding test. Can I take the H-A Certification next?

Yes. Starting January 1, 2010 you may now apply for the H-A Certification as an H-B. The age and other requirements for the H-A remain the same, but if you meet those qualifications you can apply for the test. If you are successful, you will become an H-A HM certified member.

Q: Once I am an H-A member and I pass the C-3 riding test, what will my certification be then?

Once you pass the C-3 riding test, you will simply become an H-A HM, C-3 (EV/DR/SJ).

Q: If I pass my H-A do I have to do the bandaging and longeing sections when I take my C-3 and B tests?

No, if you have passed the higher level of bandaging and longeing you will not have to redo those sections at the C-3 and/or B test.

Q: If I can take the H-B at 13, why do I have to wait until I'm 16 to take the H-A?

The age limits for the certifications are reviewed when Standards are reviewed every 3 years. We have input from people who work in child development and the level of knowledge and expectations of the H-A certification is substantial enough that it does not lend itself to our younger members. The age limits are set to benefit the candidates and ensure that you have the best possible chance at success.

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