Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about USPC Policy 0820. This policy reflects the USPC belief that all members attending any USPC affiliated mounted or un-mounted activity are responsible for having readily available contact information, and medical information on their person. If you have any questions not covered here, please contact the Safety Committee Liaison.

Q: Which form of medical and contact information can a Pony Club member wear?

A: USPC Policy 0820 states that either a Medical Armband or a Medical Bracelet for all USPC events.

Q: When are members required to wear either the Medical Armband or the Medical Bracelet?

A: Pony Club members are required to wear one type or the other for all USPC events; including meetings (mounted or unmounted), certifications, and/or competitions.

Q: If a member has small arms, can they wear their Medical Armband on their leg instead?

A: The Medical Armband must be worn on the upper arm. If the member has small arms, they may need to safety pin the armband to their sleeve in the area of the upper arm or elect to wear a Medical Bracelet instead. 

Q: Is the Medical Bracelet with the six items of information in violation of HIPAA?

A: No, because the parent voluntarily provided the information and USPC is not a covered medical entity. If the parent is uncomfortable with having the information accessible, they should use the Medical Armband. They do have the option of covering everything but the name with tape removable by the EMT or medical personnel. (For more information on health information privacy see the US Department of Health & Human Services website.

Q: Are all six items required to be on the Medical Bracelet?

A: Yes, blank information is not acceptable. All Medical Bracelets must visibly list these six items on them: Name and Date of Birth, Contact Information, Known Allergies, Current Medications, and Existing Medical Conditions. If there are no known allergies, then that item should read NKA or NKDA (for no known drug allergies). If there are no current medications or existing medical conditions those items should say NONE.

Q: What if the Pony Club member does not have either item available?

A: As stated in Policy 0820, “Any member at a USPC affiliated mounted or unmounted activity found not wearing either an Medical Armband or Medical Bracelet must be removed from the activity until the member conforms to the policy requirements.”

Q: What types of Medical Bracelets are available and satisfy the criteria established in USPC Policy?

A: Certain medical bracelets currently available in the equestrian community require internet accessibility. One contains a QR code which is read by a scanner on a smart phone/tablet. A second type uses a numeric identification code that is entered into a website to obtain medical information necessary in an emergency. The USPC policy requires the 6 items to be printed directly on the Medical Bracelet even if one of the two types is used. There are more basic bracelets with silicone, nylon web and leather bands, preferably with a breakaway aspect.

Q: If the parent chooses to cover all but the name on the nameplate of a Medical Bracelet, who will have access to the information that is hidden by the tape?

A: The first responders, such as an EMT or other medical personnel, should have access to this information. If it were incomplete, missing or wrong they would not have the information necessary to effectively treat the Pony Club member. If a parent chooses to use a Medical Bracelet, they should make every attempt to have the current and accurate information.

Q: Where do I purchase a Medical Armband or Medical Bracelet?

A: Medical Armbands are available for purchase from Shop Pony Club and a variety of other vendors.  Replacement Medical Armband Cards are available for free download here .

Medical Bracelets are available from a variety of vendors. The best way to find one that works for you, your family, and budget is to Google the phrase "medical bracelets for riding". This will give you many options for different bands and price points. Any company is acceptable as long as they are able to put the six items of information Pony Club requires on the Medical Bracelet.

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