USPC National Membership is an option for members who are not able to participate with an individual club or center on a regular basis, usually because they are away from their home club due to college, competition or other factors. The National Membership will offer individuals the opportunity to be a member of Pony Club on a national level without a specific region, club, or riding center affiliation. These members will have the opportunity to share their passion of Pony Club with others and will have the chance to ride with other clubs/centers, rally in other regions, compete at championships and pursue national level certifications.

What is required for a member to become a National Member?

National Membership is an annual membership for those age 18 and older with a C-2 HM certification level or above. A one-time letter of recommendation from a DC, CA or RS is required. Renewing National Members are not be required to submit additional letters of recommendation.

How will someone join USPC as a National Member?

An individual who meets the eligibility requirements will need to complete the regular Participating Membership Application and indicate that membership category at the top of the form. They will need to mail this form, along with dues payment and the letter of recommendation directly to the USPC Office.

What is the cost to join as a National Member?

The dues amount for this membership category is found on the current participating membership application, found here.

Is this membership a requirement once members meet the eligibility requirements?

This is not a required membership path, but instead is simply an option for members who may benefit from additional flexibility and as an alternative for those who otherwise may not choose to renew. Members who benefit from being club/center/region members and regularly attend club/center/regional activities are not the ones to whom this category is being targeted.

These National Members will no longer be supporting our region, club, or center as members with dues or other fees. How can we afford to allow them to participate in our lessons, rallies, and other activities?

National Members will be expected to pay the full cost of all activities in which they participate. Clubs, centers, and regions are not being asked to fund their participation.

Pony Club is a great form of mentoring and provides opportunities for members to teach. What will happen to this aspect of Pony Club if the older members are no longer as involved on a club or riding center level?

Mentorship is something that naturally grows out of Pony Club. Older members mentor younger ones, and instructors and examiners mentor older members. National Membership has not removed this aspect of Pony Club. With opportunities for upper level members to teach, younger members will still have the opportunity to be mentored by older members of the organization. Regardless of membership type, older and higher certified Pony Club Members of all categories are encouraged to contact the local RS, DC or CA, when relocating, returning from college or under other circumstances, if they wish to teach or be used as a resource.

Where will these members take national level tests?

National Members may apply for any national test for which they qualify, regardless of location. Applicants select their top three choices for testing location, and tests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. USPC makes all reasonable attempts to assign tests based on candidate preference.

How will National Members compete at Championships?

National members will have to compete at a qualifying rally in order to compete at Championships, unless they achieve the certification level acceptable for exemption from this requirement. National Members will have the opportunity to fill a team from the region in which they are competing if the team is not full, otherwise they will be placed on scramble teams.

Are National Members allowed to receive club, center, or regional awards?

National Members will not be eligible for any award offered by a club, center, or region. When choosing to become a National Member these members are recognizing that they are no longer affiliating themselves specifically to one club, center, or region, and the awards should be given to members who are affiliated.

Can a National Member be a sponsor or officer in a specific club?

Yes; USPC allows individuals aged 18 and older to become Club Sponsors or officers, subject to any and all other criteria for acceptance as outlined in USPC By-Laws or policies.


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