If you have any other questions not addressed here, please contact the Instruction Director.  We suggest that you have the current Pony Club Chart of Learning available as you read these FAQs.  Common questions about National Level Certification Tests:

Q: When the H-A member passes the C-3 riding test, what will their certification be?

Once the C-3 riding test is passed, they simply become an H-A HM, C-3 (EV/DR/SJ).  

Q: If As an H-A member has already passed the bandaging and longeing sections, are these two sections required to be completed again at the C-3 and or B riding test?

No. Once these two sections are passed at the H-A level they do not have to be tested again as this is the highest level of HM.

Q: If a candidate can take the H-B at 13, why do they have to wait until they are 16 to take the H-A?

The age limits for the certifications are reviewed when Standards are reviewed every 3 years. We have input from people who work in child development and the level of knowledge and expectations of the H-A certification is substantial enough that it does not lend itself to our younger members. The age limits are set to benefit the candidates and ensure that you have the best possible chance at success.

Q. A C-2 candidate wants to take their H-B and C-3 Certifications next year. Can these be done in the same year?

Yes, as there are no longer waiting periods between certifications. After they receive their C-2, it is also possible for the candidate to take the either the H-B or C-3 riding test.

Q. Why isn't the H-B candidate required to Longe or Bandage? Aren’t these two skills an important part of Pony Club Horse Management.

ALL the bandaging and longeing requirements of the C-3 and B levels are tested at the riding portion of the tests so that the candidate may handle his/her own horse (as opposed to the H-A, where candidates handle strange horses). The H-B has been designed as a one-day test. Because a candidate is not required to take a horse to this testing, the candidate has extra flexibility in scheduling when he/she wishes to take the test. Candidates from Regions with inclement winter weather may select to study during the winter and take early H-Bs, while those Regions with very hot summers may want to take riding tests first, then the H-B when it's too hot to ride.

Q. How does the C-3 Eventing candidate become eligible to take the B Dressage?

To take the B Dressage, the candidate first must pass the C-3 Dressage. By reviewing the Dressage Standards, it is evident how much more skill the C-3 Dressage candidate must be able to demonstrate in the discipline of dressage, than that of the Eventing C-3 candidate. The candidate may move vertically up to the Eventing B, then horizontally to the Dressage B. The candidate does not move down to begin a specialty; just vertically or horizontally. 

Q: A C-2 Eventing candidate wants to take their C-3 Show Jumping, is that allowed?

It was not allowed prior to 2016, but it is a diagonal move that the Instruction Council has approved to begin in 2016.  Do be aware that the C-3 to A Show Jumping heights are higher than the Eventing Jumping heights at the C-3 to A Level.

Q. Could a candidate take a C-3 Show Jumping test and B Show Jumping test on the same weekend?

That's a very good question, and it would depend upon how the test was scheduled. Because there is no waiting requirement between the levels, a Region could request to schedule back-to-back tests, which would allow candidates to take both tests. The same would hold true for Dressage certification. Back-to-back tests might be VERY advantageous for those candidates with advanced experience in Show Jumping and/or Dressage.

Q. If a Region does not host a test for which one of its members is ready to test, will candidates be allowed to attend the test in another Region?

Any Pony Club member may attend certifications testing in any Region. Testing dates, locations and contact people will be listed on the website. For application procedures, refer to the "Testing Information for National Testings” page.

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