Below, please find a listing of our current Board and Standing and Ad-hoc Committee Members.

Board of Governors

Meet the USPC Board of Governors

Ben Duke, Chair
Elizabeth, CO
Dawn Bellinger
Arlington, VA
Rae Birr
Manistique, MI
Ruthanna Bridges
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Sue Beth Bunn
Midland, GA
Christel Carlson
Spokane, WA
Gary Carpenter
Oklahoma City, OK
Lorelei Coplen
Carlisle, PA
Jessica Flores
Woodside, CA
Nancy Grout
Plainfield, NH
Deb Kirsch
Clayton, CA
Tanner Kooistra
Carnation, WA
Nicole Ligon
Glenmoore, PA
Becky Logsdon
Elizabeth, IN
Sue Ann McClelland
Kingston, WA
Hoot McLean
Wagener, SC
Debbie McLeod
Lenexa, KS
Barb McMorris
Barrington Hills, IL
Yvette Seger
Washington, DC
Jennifer Sweet
Chehalis, WA
Candy Tavormina
Whitehouse, OH
Allison Thomas
Eustis, FL
Ron VanDyke
Spokane, WA
Kathy Yolken
Moss Beach, CA

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Ben Duke
Jennifer Sweet
First Vice President
Sue Beth Bunn
Vice President of Activities
Nancy Grout
Vice President of Instruction
Lorelei Coplen
Vice President of Regional Administration
Ron VanDyke
Sue Ann McClelland

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Tom Adams, Ex-Officio
Larry Byers, Ex-Officio
Melanie Heacock, Ex-Officio
Art Kramer, Ex-Officio
Dan Murphy, Ex-Officio
Emsie Parker, Ex-Officio
Cindy Piper, Ex-Officio
Nancy Pittman, Ex-Officio
Connie Jehlik, Staff Liaison

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Standing Committees



Equine Symposium & Convention

Gegi Winslett, Chair
Lorelei Coplen, At Large Member
Cindy Healy, At Large Member
Becky Logsdon, At Large Member
Jennifer Sweet, At Large Member
Juliana Benner, 2022 Organizer
Karen Clark, Finance Director
Gabrielle England, 2020 Organizer
Shelley Mann, Marketing & Communications Director
Debbie McLeod, 2021 Organizer
Julie Mowbray, 2020 Organizer
Brianna Nevins, NYB Representative
Lori Pickett, 2022 Organizer
Karol Wilson, Regional Admin Director
Erin Woodall, Activities Director



Marketing & Communications

Personnel & Compensation

Teresa Woods, Staff Liaison


Strategic Planning

Ad Hoc Commitees

Programs Administration Council

The Program Administration Committee, or PAC, is charged with ensuring effective administration of programs. PAC is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of USPC and is made up of staff director/board volunteer partnerships.

Ben Duke
Jennifer Sweet
First Vice President
Sue Beth Bunn
Vice President of Activities
Lorelei Coplen
Vice President of Regional Administration
Dawn Bellinger
Development Chair
Rae Birr
Marketing & Comm Chair
Karen Clark
Finance & Admin Director
Connie Jehlik
Instruction Director
Deb Kirsch
Strat Planning Chair
Sue Ann McClelland
Finance Chair
Yvette Seger
Safety Chair
Marian Wahlgren
Development Director
Karol Wilson
Regional Admin and MS Director
Gegi Winslett
Equine Symposium & Conv Chair
Erin Woodall
Activities Director
Teresa Woods
Executive Director

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National Youth Board

The National Youth Board, NYB, is a small group of twenty dedicated older members of the United States Pony Clubs, that function to increase communication between the organization’s government and its members. In addition, the NYB provides committees with a member’s insight into aspects of the organization under consideration, as well as bringing forth ideas and proposals regarding issues that the NYB feels need further attention.

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