United States Pony Clubs, Inc.

Mailing Address: 4041 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511
Office Hours: Monday - Friday  8:30 am - 5:00 pm Eastern
Phone: 859/254-7669     Fax: 859/233-4652

USPC National Volunteer Committees: 

Board of Governors & Standing Committees

Activities Council

Instruction Council

Regional Administration Council


USPC National Office Staff:

Name Phone Position Responsibilities

Karen Clark

859/559-0659 Finance and Administration Director Financial statements, budgets, compliance issues, insurance questions
Bada Faber 859/559-0658 Staff Accountant Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
Aileen Gordon 859/559-0655 Content/Data Manager Database development and maintenance
Julie Gragg 859/559-0663 Executive Assistant Assists Executive Director and board members, staff liaison for Safety, Policy and Nominating Committees
Connie Jehlik 859/559-0652 Instruction Services Director Instruction materials, local level tests, Horse Management Committee and all Instruction Committees
Kay Kelley 859/721-2701 Member Services Processing membership and provides general membership assistance
  859/559-0666 Fundraising and Marketing Specialist Fundraising, Grants, Advertising, Sales 
Shelley Mann 859/559-0653 Marketing and Communications Director Promote Pony Club, Pony Club News Editor, logo files, E-News Editor, social media
Macee Matott 859/559-0649 Instruction/Testing Coordinator National level testing questions, applications, test requests, and issues, National Examiner assistance
Erin Roland 859/559-0651 Activities & Events Coordinator Convention and Symposium, Championships, disciplines, webinars liaison
Caryn Sappelli 859/559-0667 Compliance Coordinator & Trade Fair Organizer Background checks, member protection training, Trade Fair liaison for Convention, Championships, and Festival
Shelley Schneider 859/254-7669 Reception/Office Administrator/Charitable Compliance Coordinator Reception, usernames and password help, insurance-List of Locations, website templates, general information, Charitable solicitation, registration requirements for initial registration and renewals
Dawn Strickler 859/559-0660 Member Services/Development Assistant New Club/Center inquiries, Riding Center liaison, assists Development department, general membership assistance
Marian Wahlgren 859/559-0657 Development Director Fundraising, donations, special events, sponsors
Mandy (Alexander) Weissmann 859/422-5522 Marketing and Instruction Coordinator ShopPonyClub, assists in the Marketing and Communications and the Instruction Departments, web updates, Pony Club News advertising, classifieds, promotional materials
Karol Wilson 859/559-0656 Member Services and Regional Administration Regional, Club and Center Administration guidance, Bylaws and Policy questions, leadership training and concerns
Erin Woodall 859/559-0650 Activities & Events Director Rules/rulebook, Championships, Convention and Symposium, international exchanges, special competitions, awards
Teresa Woods 859/559-0654 Executive Director Overall leadership of staff and organization in collaboration with the Board of Governors

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