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Pony Club graduates are as important to the USPC mission as current members. Many of our graduates go on to compete in the Olympics, run Fortune 500 companies, are television personalities, laboratory researchers, Pulitzer Prize winners, and even the head of public relations for the US Department of Energy just to name a few. Alumni are anyone who was once a youth member in the organization, at any skill level. Pony Club creates invaluable memories that last a lifetime.

As an Alumni, members are eligible for the Academy of Achievement, the Pony Club Hall of Fame, and to continue to volunteer, support, and be a part the organization. Alumni are encouraged to join in on various reunions around the country as well as seminars offered at Championships and at the Convention and Equine Symposium. Pony Club has evolved over the last 60 years. Immerse yourself in the changes while enjoying many of the rich Pony Club traditions you remember most.

Stay Connected

Keep In Touch

Let us know where you live and what you are doing now. Find out about membership options available to alumni or new equine enthusiasts. Receive news and updates from the Pony Club community and beyond.

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Alumni Events

Celebrate Pony Club at Alumni reunions around the country as regions host events to bring Pony Clubs past and present together.

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Pin Promise

Show your support for Pony Club by taking the promise to wear your pin at outside events. The Pin Promise was created by the National Youth Board in an attempt to identify and celebrate Pony Club graduates in the community.

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Our Graduates

Academy of Achievement

Each year at the Convention, Pony Club honors distinguished alumni who are outstanding in their field. These alumni work with the National Youth Congress to expand awareness of life skills beyond Pony Club.

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Proud Graduate

Alumni who attribute much of their success to experiences in Pony Club. Many hope to help the next generation of USPC graduates meet goals in and out of the saddle.

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Many equestrian Olympians got their start in Pony Club. See if your hero was a Pony Club member too!

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Lifelong learning includes hands-on experiences. By volunteering you can continue to further the mission of USPC. Volunteers are always needed at all levels of Pony Club.

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Become a Member

Pony Club offers a variety of memberships. Consider becoming a member at the level that suites your lifestyle.

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Give a Gift

Support the Pony Club mission by donating to the Annual Fund, purchasing a brick, or supporting activities.

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Walk of Fame

The Pony Club national office building, located at the Kentucky Horse Park features a special brick patio and walkway with engraved brick pavers. Purchasing a brick is a wonderful gift for a mentor or friend. A commemorative certificate is sent to the recipient if given as a gift.

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