Academy of Achievement Inductees 2020

About the Academy of Achievement

Each year since its inception in 1999, The USPC Academy of Achievement recognizes Pony Club alumni for being outstanding in their chosen fields of expertise. Individuals are nominated by members, leaders, and other alumni for this exceptional award. Up to six alumni are then selected by a national committee and invited to attend the National Youth Congress at the USPC Equine Symposium and Convention. Honorees spend three days participating in small group discussions and activities with National Youth Congress delegates to share career stories, advice, and help the delegates as they focus on personal development.

Nominate Pony Club alumni to the Academy of Achievement

Any USPC member can nominate alumni for the Academy of Achievement.

Criteria for nomination include being articulate and comfortable in large groups as well as enjoying working with young people. Individuals can have a career in the equine industry, in the private or public sector, and may or may not still be active in Pony Club. Our alumni honorees come from diverse backgrounds and their unique experiences are helpful in their selection.

Qualifications for nomination are the following:

  1. Outstanding achievement after graduating from Pony Club (any field of expertise)
  2. Strong Pony Club background
  3. At least a C-3 certification (formerly known as C rating)
  4. Over 25 years of age

To nominate a deserving alumni, please review the criteria and submit your nomination to the USPC National Office. Deadline for submission is July 15.

Academy of Achievement Inductees

Class of 2021

Royce L. Evans-Mason
Emily Harvey
Sara Lieser

Class of 2020

Katy Barglow, PhD
David Silver
Erin Thompson, PhD

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Class of 2019

Laura Backus
Jenny Mattingley
Alison Wichman, M.D.

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Class of 2018

Rob Burk
Dorothy Crowell
Kat Drake, PhD
Tim Leithead

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Class of 2017

Kathleen Carr, DVM, MS, PhD
Jennifer Lord, MD
Lisa Roskens
Sara Williams

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Class of 2016

Marc Donovan
Linda Zang

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Class of 2015

Jennifer Goss
Heather Rosenker
Brian Sabo
Lisa Sabo

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Class of 2014

Katharine Devereaux Byron, MFH
Stephanie Church
David Courreges
Mark Lloyd

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Class of 2013

Heather Bell
Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, DVM
Margaret "Meg" Johnson
Dr. Amy Story, PhD

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Class of 2012

Loranne Ausley
Laurie Chapman-Bosco
Parker Pearson
Yvette R. Seger, PhD
Jennifer S. Welter, DPT

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Class of 2011

Lola Blackwell Chambless, MD
Janell Goode Hoffman
Sondra Russman Marshall
H. Jerry Schurink
Melanie Smith-Taylor

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Class of 2010

Conrad Adams
Stephanie Drachkovitch
Michael Hoffman
Gina Miles

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Class of 2009

Holiday Banta
Jim Hamilton
Caroline McCabe
John Staples
Kate Sweeney


Class of 2008

Erika de Papp, DVM
Russell Gilfus
Liz Halliday
Kevin Price
Sharon Turner, PhD
Carey Williams, PhD

Class of 2007

Tom Eversole, DVM
Susan Knox, JD
John A. Kosanovich
Linda Miller
Carol Ripple, PhD

Class of 2006

Jillian Dunham
Ann Haller
Christine Knox
Mary Beth Larsen
Brian O'Connor
David O'Connor

Class of 2005

Nancy Ambrosiano
Gillian Clissold
Christine Harris
Donald McLean, Jr.
Michael B. Richardson
Catherine Scott, MD
Peter Zimmerman

Class of 2004

Beth Clarke, JD
Ben Duke
Dorothy Eisenberg
Dr. Anthony Patt, PhD
Rhonda Rathgeber
Anne Tuttle-Roller

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Class of 2003

Georgia Gerber
Patti Jo Hassler
Gary Keating
Richard Lamb
Kelly Wycall Phillips
LTC Stacy Yike

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Class of 2002

Liesl Clark
Tremaine Cooper
LTC Lorelei Coplen
Laurie Penfield Fichter
Anita Huntsman
Mary Kahan, DVM
Tom McLaughlin
Dorothy Smith
Emily Wiley, PhD

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Class of 2001

Sally Garner
Sali Gear
Tad Leithead, Jr.
Catherine Stoppani-Johnson
John Strassburger

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Class of 2000

Susanna Colloredo-Mansfield
Ian M. Grant
Lendon Gray
Jill Hassler-Scoop
Donald B. Hebb
Marian Zerfoss Kessler
Jean Swank, PhD

Class of 1999

Sophie H. Pirie, JD
Stirlin Harris
Tracy Moore Jarman
Pat Maykuth, PhD
Paula Parker Raye
Henry S. Taylor
Nancy Todd, PhD


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