Pony Club Pin Promise Pledge

The “Pin Promise” inspires current members, alumni, and adult volunteers to wear their pins beyond Pony Club. USPC is proud of past and present members’ achievements. Taking the Pin Promise Pledge allows members and Alumni to show their pride in the time and effort they devoted to furthering their riding through Pony Club.

Post your promise on the Pony Club Pinterest Pin Promise Board, by posting a picture of yourself wearing your pin, or by re-pining the Pony Club Pin Promise.

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An Excerpt from National Youth Board Past President (2012)

The “Pin Promise” is important because Pony Club is a common ground for a variety of people throughout the horse world and it is an excellent way to identify members, volunteers, and alumni. No matter the discipline or level, we are surrounded by other members and professionals who understand the importance of horse management in the process of creating proficient riders. No advertising can compete with seeing our members and alumni being involved in the greater horse world with competence and confidence.

Many upper level riders and professionals have attributed a portion of their success to their riding roots as a member of Pony Club, and we want the next generation to be just as proud of their Pony Club background. In my personal experience, it is hard to put into words all that Pony Club means to me. Wearing my pin while competing both in and out of Pony Club is a matter of pride and honor. Without the curriculum and networking, I certainly would not have had the same caliber of riding and horse management opportunities, or developed the confidence and leadership that Pony Club strives to teach its members.

Regardless of your level or how many years you spent in the organization; once a Pony Club Member, always a Pony Club Member! I hope that you all will join me in proudly wearing your pin at your next outing.

Macy Carman

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