Streamers and Confetti USPC Invites You to Celebrate 65 Birthday Streamers and Confetti USPC Invites You to Celebrate 65 Birthday
USPC Logo from 1954 - bit with reins drawing circling a rider and pony
Original USPC logo

In 1954 The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. was established by a group of avid foxhunters who recognized the need for an organization that could provide sound instruction for all interested youngsters, especially those who otherwise could not afford expensive lessons. Together, they created an organization of service to hundreds of thousands of children and adults nationwide who share the majesty of humankind’s relationship with the horse.  22 clubs were formed that first year dedicated to passing the tools and torch of horsemaship to generations to come.

Today, USPC continues that mission with over 9,000 members and 550 clubs and riding centers spread throughout 49 states and the Virgin Islands by providing educational opportunities from the grassroots level through International competitors, and strives to better meet the needs of the equestrian community both today and tomorrow.  Read the History of the United States Pony Clubs.  

Join us in celebrating 65 years of The United States Pony Clubs!

black and white photo from 1950 of unmounted Pony Club meeting

Clubs Celebrating 65

Congratulations to these Pony Clubs celebrating 65 years as part of The United States Pony Clubs:

Blue Ridge Hunt

Deep Run Hunt


Fairfield County Hounds

Genessee Valley
     Reunion - October 12-14

Middle Tennessee
     Reunion - October 5th


Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds
     Reunion - October 20th

Old Chatham

Pickering Hunt

Radnor Hunt

Rolling Rock Hunt

Somerset Hills




1954 Established Clubs that are no longer active 

Fair Hill (discontinued 2000)

Montgomery (discontinued 1969)

Norfolk Hunt (discontinued 1989)

North Shore (discontinued 1965)

Rappahannock Hunt (discontinued 1958)

Rochester (discontinued 1959)

Rose Tree (discontinued 2015)

South Anna (discontinued 1985)

Talbot County (discontinued 1960)



USPC Annual Fund - Manton Match

Pony Club has received a special Birthday Gift, thanks to the generosity of The Manton Foundation. The Manton Match will begin on August 3rd, and all gifts to the Celebrate 65 Annual Fund Campaign will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $32,500 to reach a Birthday goal of $65,000.

Donate ButtonConsider giving a gift of $6.50, $65.00, $650.00 - or any amount (every gift no matter the amount makes a difference and is appreciated!) - to the Annual Fund in honor of a club, center, region, volunteer, or mount that has made your time in Pony Club memorable. 

August 3rd - Pony Club: Ride Around the World

USPC isn't the only one celebrating this year - The Pony Club in the United Kingdom turns 90!  On August 3rd, Ride Around the World Day is a chance for Pony Club members, past and present, to put our arms around the world and unite with Pony Club members all over the globe.

Everyone is welcome to take part whether riding, competing, grooming or simply spending time with horses and friends and enjoy a sociable Ride Around The World Day activity and encourage others to take part on social media.  There is even music kindly provided by Andrew Lloyd Webber, husband of The Pony Club's President, Lady Lloyd Webber for those who wish to use it as the soundtrack to their activity or on videos created on the day.   

Please share the message about this exciting opportunity to connect with The Pony Club Family around the world and get as many people, as well as horses and ponies, involved as possible.   Put up a post on your Facebook or Instagram ahead of the day to show how you are thinking of joining in and invite your friends along too. Simply post on your channels and use the hashtag #PonyClubWorldRide                          List of International Pony Club Organizations

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Happy Birthday Pony Club

Pony Club News Photo Contest

Recreate the photo of a Pony Club meeting (found above at the top of the club listing column) from 1954! The winner will have their photo featured in the Rally Recap issue of the Pony Club News Magazine.

Contest entry deadline is August 15th, 2019.

Submission Requirements & Details

Board Members with Birthday hats around a birthday cake
USPC Board of Governors & Advisory Committee Members
Celebrating Pony Club's 65th during the May 2019 Board Meeting


WHY Pony Club?

Beginning in the 1970’s, USPC has been on the forefront as a champion-for-safety in equestrian helmet advancement, with the recognition for the need for improved safety standards in the industry. In recent decades, Pony Club has expanded education to meet the needs of equestrians of all ages, including adults, through programming and competition opportunities. Equine Land Conservation awareness is required at all levels of the Standards of Proficiency, demonstrating Pony Clubs commitment to protect, nurture, and mold the equestrian landscape for future horse enthusiasts. Pony Club now offers programming through established Pony Club Riding Centers, along with expanded education through certifications and team-based competitions comprising nine different riding disciplines including Western.  USPC is instrumental in curriculum development for schools and universities across the United States, putting standardized curriculum and online technologies in the hands of teachers, instructors, and professors.

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