Testing Application Deadline - All application materials (including paperwork & fee) are due 12 weeks before test date.

Testing Applications - To access the application for a national test, the member must be signed in (or the parent signed in as the member) and on the side bar at the very top, click on "My Tests."

If you need assistance with testing matters, please contact the Testing Coordinator, 859/254-7669, ext 234.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have general questions about testing and the certifications, please checkout these FAQ pages.  If your question is not address there, please contact the Testing Coordinator.

Testing from the H-B to the H-HM Testing National Certifications Standards of Proficiency    

Eligibility to Test & Test Fees

Review the Chart of Learning for information on proceeding through the certification levels and tracks. 

Must be a USPC Member in good standing.

Testing Age
(as of 1/1 of testing year)
H-B C-2 HM 13 years old $180
C-3 Dressage C-2 DR or C-2 Trad 13 years old $250
C-3 Show Jumping C-2 HSE or C-2 Trad 13 years old $250
C-3 Traditional C-2 Trad 13 years old $250
B Dressage C-3 DR 14 years old $250
B Show Jumping C-3 SJ 14 years old $250
B Traditional C-3 Trad 14 years old $250
H-HM/H/H-A H-B 16 years old $275
A Dressage H-A DR 16 years old $250
A Show Jumping H-A SJ 16 years old $250
A Traditional H-A Trad 16 years old $250

Test Fees

All test fees are to be submitted online with the testing application. Test fees defray the expense of National Examiners’ fees and transportation to the test region, office administration, as well as examiner training.

Additional Regional Test Fees

A region may pass on to the candidates expenses incurred in providing food, facilities, and use of horses (H-B and H-HM/H/H-A) unless the region elects to absorb these cost; these expenses are not to exceed $175 per candidate. Stabling may be separate. If these expenses are to be paid by the candidate, information to this effect must be sent to the candidates well in advance of the test and included in the Test Site Information Form returned to the National Office. No additional charges may be billed to candidates after a test.

Note: The testing region may withhold a portion or the entire regional fee from a candidate should they decide to withdraw or change site. Check with the testing region as to their policy regarding withdrawing a candidate.

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Application Submission

All applications are to be submitted online through the My Test link found on the left sidebar of the National Level Testing web pages. Online applications and payment must be submitted and processed by the National Office by the application deadline.  All application deadlines are 12 weeks out prior to the test you are applying for.*

If you are applying after the deadline, candidate must receive approval from the National Testing Chair, in addition to a $100.00 late fee. (Note: if space in test allows.)

*Exception: Tests held prior to March 1, have a January 3 deadline.


Last minute cancellations can jeopardize an entire test. It is the responsibility of the candidate to notify the National Office, RS and test organizer immediately of intention to cancel. They must send their notice of cancellation to the National Office in writing by letter, fax or e-mail.

No one will be removed from a test until the National Office receives his/her notice of cancellation in writing. If the National Office does not receive notification to cancel the candidate is considered a No Show.

If the number of candidates falls below the minimum needed to hold a test, the National Testing Chairperson reserves the right to cancel the test. If a test is cancelled, every effort will be made to place candidates elsewhere.


Cancellation refunds are available if the cancellation is made prior to the close of the application deadline for the test, minus a $50.00 administrative fee.  Cancellations made after the application deadline for the test will result in a forfeit of the testing fee.

Change of site candidates are not eligible for a refund.

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Access the full Retest Procedures

NOTE: A RETEST APPLICATION will be generated by the system, once the National Office has received notice from the original test that the candidate is eligible to retest.  MEMBERS - use the generated retest application, do NOT create a new application for a full test.  To access the Retest application, the member must be signed in (or the parent signed in as the member) and on the side bar at the very top, click on "My Tests" and in the "Incomplete Applications" section, will be the Retest Application.

A candidate may retest only if the candidate qualifies for a retest, and the original National Examiner test panel has recommended the candidate to retest.

  • Those testing during the current year have until December 1st of the following year to complete their first retest attempt.  
  • Membership must be maintained in order to retest. Candidates who have not maintained their membership will
    be required to take the entire certification again.
  • Candidates are required to be retested on all of the line items contained within each section in which they DNMS and all sections must be tested at the same retesting event.
  • Candidates must be certain of the date, method and location of their desired Retest before submitting the Retest Application.

Time Parameters

  • Retests may not happen prior to 30 days after initial test.
  • Complete retest applications with fees ($60.00) are due to the National Office no later than 3 weeks prior to test. For each subsequent retest attempt, an additional $25 is added to the fee: 1st = $60, 2nd = $85, 3rd = $110, etc. 

Retest Eligibility

  • The A retest: A candidate may retest a section of the test (riding) they have not passed. If the candidate does not pass one section of their test and is successful in all other parts of the test they may retest that one section.
  • The B and C-3 retests: A candidate may retest a section of the riding test they have not passed. In addition we will continue to allow the candidate to retest either bandaging or longing. Maximum sections allowed for DNMS is 2 sections, one riding, and one of longeing or bandaging.
  • The H-HM/H/H-A retest: A candidate may re-test up to two sections of the test.
  • The H-B retest: A candidate may re-test up to five sections of the test.

Mounted Section Retest Options

Candidates who are eligible to retest a mounted section may retest at any of the following opportunities:

  • A regularly scheduled mounted National Level Test.
  • A regularly scheduled unmounted National Level Test - ONLY with special permission from the National Office.
  • A Regional Retest Day that has been requested by a region through the National Office.
  • A mounted clinic (i.e. a Prep Clinic or Standards & Curriculum Clinic, etc.) where two National Examiners and an Impartial Observer (I.O.) will be present.
  • All mounted retests MUST be conducted with at least two National Examiners and an Impartial Observer (I.O.).

Unmounted "Knowledge" Section Retest Options

Candidates who are eligible to retest an unmounted "knowledge” section may retest at any of the following opportunities:

  • A regularly scheduled mounted or unmounted National Level test.
  • A Regional Retest Day that has been requested by a region through the National Office.
  • Knowledge sections that do not require a live horse or props (i.e. farrier tools, shoes, tack) may be retested by conversing with one National Examiner via Skype, Face Time or another live video chat program.
  • The candidate must arrange for an Impartial Observer (I.O.) to be present during the chat session.
  • Candidates who are eligible to retest sections that involve documents which do not require face to face discussion (such as record books, conditioning schedules, lesson plans and barn plans) may email, mail or fax said document to a designated National Examiner for retest examination. This is the only retest scenario for which an Impartial Observer (I.O.) is not required.

Unmounted Teaching & Longeing Section Retest Options

Candidates who are eligible to retest the Teaching and Longeing sections of the H-HM/H/H-A may retest at any of the following opportunities:

  • At a regularly scheduled National Level H-HM/H/H-A test.
  • A Regional Retest Day that has been requested by a region through the National Office.
  • All retests for the H-HM/H/H-A Teaching and Longeing sections MUST be conducted with two National Examiners and an Impartial Observer (IO).

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Test Preparation

Candidates planning to go beyond the C-2 level should make early plans for a program of preparation. As many clubs/centers are unable to provide more than encouragement and administrative support, it is the candidate who assumes most of the responsibility for education towards higher levels. The region can also play an important role by organizing test preparation clinics at each level. Candidates should be encouraged to contact Pony Club members who have already passed the certification or observe a test before their own. Instruction from a clinician well versed in USPC Standards, extensive reading, participation in Pony Club rallies and competitions, teaching in local clubs and centers, and working with a veterinarian and a farrier will increase self-confidence in demonstrating and expressing knowledge to an examiner. A candidate who does not put forth effort in preparation will be at a disadvantage. Examiners expect each candidate to be fully prepared to pass the certification.

Code of Conduct

USPC National Examiners strive to create an environment that enables each candidate to best demonstrate his/her competence, be thorough, consistent and fair in evaluating each candidate’s performance for each phase of the examination, and communicate the results in a positive and sensitive manner. Safety, as always, is an overriding concern.

USPC is proud of its reputation for good sportsmanship, horsemanship, teamwork and well-behaved members. The USPC National Examiners and National Testing committee expect appropriate behavior from all candidates, parents and others participating in any National Testing activity.

Inappropriate behavior is:

Possession, use, or distribution of any illegal drugs or alcohol

  • Assault Profanity, vulgar language or gestures
  • Harassment – using words or actions that intimidate, threaten or persecute others during or following testings
  • Cheating
  • Abusing a horse

Any USPC member, H-B, C-3, B, H-HM/H/H-A, A candidate or parent not conforming to the Code of Conduct is subject to the following actions:

  1. The National Examiners administering the testing may immediately suspend or expel an individual from the testing.
  2. The National Testing Committee may also withhold the privilege to attend future testings.

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