Adults are able to participate and enjoy all that Pony Club has to offer.  If you did not have a chance to participate in Pony Club as a youth, or would like to continue your Pony Club involvement through participating membership, here is your chance to experience the learning, comradery, and memories the organization offers.

What will I do in Pony Club?

Adult members are a fully integrated part of all clubs and centers. There is access to mounted and unmounted meetings, certifications, and education for all levels of experience. Learn new horse sports such as Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Hunter Seat and Western. Certifications for members go up to the A level. Pony Club offers clinics and camps to all members where they can further skills to prepare for certifications, rallies, and Championships. Members may participate in rallies, Championships, and Festival where they are judged on their horsemanship and riding skills while competing against other teams. Members are also encouraged to attend the USPC Convention and Equine Symposium with other members, horse enthusiasts, leaders, and volunteers to participate in educational opportunities, workshops, and seminars.

How do I join?

Membership categories include Participating memberships for individuals who would like to ride and take part in the fun and educational offerings of clubs and centers. Individuals can also choose Non-Participating memberships if they are interested in the educational offerings and staying involved in Pony Club, but don't plan to ride or attend local meetings. For more information on membership categories click here.

Visit the Find a Club or Center page where you can enter in your location and find the clubs and centers in your area. Local leaders can direct you into the best situation to meet your needs and abilities. Whether you’re a new horse owner, a lifelong enthusiast, or looking to lease or borrow a horse, local clubs and centers are here to help. Membership is renewed annually and allows members many benefits including magazines, educational resources, access to logo wear and gifts, the USPC Convention and Equine Symposium, a variety of social media outlets to keep your finger on the Pony Club pulse, and a lifetime of priceless memories.

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