For over 60 years Pony Club has been the leader in providing a life-changing experience for youth in horsemanship. Through positive youth development, an emphasis on safe, practical horsemanship, and teaching confidence and a sense of community, Pony Club can help your horse-crazy child become independent and self-confident.

What will my child do in Pony Club?

Pony Club members learn how to handle and work around horses with safety and self-assurance under trained supervision. Everyone begins Pony Club at the same level. As members learn and develop at their own pace, they have the opportunity to progress through the Pony Club certification system. Each level requires an increasing depth of knowledge and skills. Members are taught a solid foundation of correct riding, based on timeless classical principles. Members learn good balance and clear communication, and develop into thinking, effective riders, always keeping the horse’s best interest at heart.

Good horsemanship extends far beyond skills in the saddle. Pony Club members gain an impressive depth of knowledge in equine behavior and training, health and fitness, nutrition and veterinary care, and learn the correct uses and maintenance of equipment. Members from different parts of the country gather to learn, prepare for certifications, and compete. All Pony Club competition is team competition. Members learn cooperation and teamwork while creating strong bonds with fellow teammates. There are also opportunities for a host of additional programs such as International Exchanges and college scholarships as participating members progress in Pony Club.

While your child grows and excels through the Pony Club educational standards, parents do not just sit on the sidelines. Opportunities to volunteer, help, educate, and join are available for families. Pony Club tailors its educational programs to meet the needs of anyone looking for FUN with horses or ponies. Non-participating memberships, and online E-memberships are all available for the busy Pony Club family.

How does my child join Pony Club?

Membership categories include Participating memberships for individuals who would like to ride and take part in the fun and educational offerings of clubs and centers. Individuals can also choose Non-Participating memberships if they are interested in the educational offerings and staying involved in Pony Club, but don't plan to ride or attend local meetings. For more information on membership categories click here.

You don’t need to own a horse, just have a love for them. With approximately 600 clubs and riding centers across the country, there is a good chance we’re near you. Visit the Find A Club or Center page where you can enter in your location and find the Club or Center in your area. Membership is renewed annually and allows members many benefits including magazines, educational resources, access to logowear and gifts, the USPC Convention and Equine Symposium, a variety of social media outlets to keep your finger on the Pony Club pulse, and a lifetime of priceless memories.

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