Pony Club attracts members who want to be fully immersed in horse care, management, and horse sports. Discover the fun, friendship, and power of working together that comes with Pony Club membership. Participants learn through engaging in educational opportunities offered through their clubs and centers and have opportunities regionally and nationally.  Pony Club is a gateway to the big time. For some members that’s a chance to ride a fancier horse, for others it’s getting to take a lesson with an Olympian, still others use it as a path to even bigger goals and dreams both in the saddle and in life.

What will I do in Pony Club?

In Pony Club you will attend mounted and unmounted meetings where you will learn how to safely and confidently work around horses and in the barn and how to ride well. Opportunities abound for members to attend camps, Rallies, Championships, and Festival. Camps are fun ways to be with your friends, learn a ton of good horsemanship, and see a big jump in your riding skills. Rallies give members the chance to learn what it is like to be a part of a team as well as how to be a leader. Rallies, Championships, and Festival give members valuable lessons in organization, communication, teamwork, and respect for themselves and others in a team competition environment.

Learn new horse sports, such as Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Polocrosse, Polo, Western, Games, Quiz, and Tetrathlon. If teaching is something that interests you, there are opportunities to learn to be an instructor. This includes mentoring at camps and mounted meetings to help you and your fellow members reach your full potential.

Members progress through the certification levels. Each level earned requires an increasing depth of knowledge and skills. The highest certification, the “A”, distinguishes the member as an accomplished, professional horseman.

Opportunities to partake in International Exchanges begin at the age of 13. Exchanges include traveling abroad to train and compete in Mounted Games, Foxhunting, Quiz, Eventing, and Show Jumping.

Learn about your local Club or Center.

Membership categories include Participating memberships for individuals who would like to ride and take part in the fun and educational offerings of clubs and centers. Individuals can also choose Non-Participating memberships if they are interested in the educational offerings and staying involved in Pony Club, but don't plan to ride or attend local meetings. For more information on membership categories click here.

For more information on how to join, visit or ask your parents visit the Find a Club or Center page where you can enter in your location and find a club or center near you. Whether you own, lease, or just admire horses, there is a place for you. Membership is renewed annually and allows members many benefits including magazines, educational resources, access to logowear and gifts, the USPC Convention and Equine Symposium, a variety of social media outlets to keep your finger on the Pony Club pulse, and a lifetime of priceless memories.

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