For the older member, Pony Club is a chance to prepare for the future. Pony Club builds character through teaching responsibility, organization, leadership, teamwork, and service excellence. Taking the horse care and riding skills they have learned, and the life skill experience that marks the upper level Certification holder, older members are able to move on to many endeavors within and outside of the horse world. Pony Club graduates go on to become the nation’s top equestrians (including current and past Olympic Team members) business professionals, government leaders, and military officers.

What will I do in Pony Club?

Members have ample opportunities to further their knowledge of horses. The National Youth Board (NYB) and National Youth Congress (NYC) give older members a chance to participate in shaping the future of Pony Club. To join the NYB members must be at least 18 years of age. They play a vital role as the liaisons between the organizations government and its membership. Being a part of the NYC, members have the opportunity to attend workshops and discussions intended to expand their awareness of themselves and of the rapidly changing world. The NYC is made up of Pony Club members who have certifications at the national level.

High School credit similar to a varsity letter program can be obtained for being a member of a club or center and participating in many Pony Club activities. All Pony Club members have the chance to test the skills they have obtained in friendly team competition at Rallies, Championships, and Festival. There are seminars, contests, and workshops at the USPC Convention to give members a solid foundation based on timeless classical principles. College scholarships facilitate members becoming outstanding in any field of expertise. For individuals wanting to continue their equine endeavors while traveling, there is the opportunity to go on International Exchanges.

Learn about your local Club or Center.

Membership categories include Participating memberships for individuals who would like to ride and take part in the fun and educational offerings of clubs and centers. Individuals can also choose Non-Participating memberships if they are interested in the educational offerings and staying involved in Pony Club, but don't plan to ride or attend local meetings. For more information on membership categories click here.

For more information on how to join, visit the Find a Club or Center page where you can enter in your location to find a club or center near you. Each club/center will have leaders available to help guide you through the membership process best suited to your individual needs. Membership is renewed annually and allows members many benefits including magazines, educational resources, access to logowear and gifts, the USPC Convention and Equine Symposium, a variety of social media outlets to keep your finger on the Pony Club pulse, and a lifetime of priceless memories.

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