Pony Club members of any age or certificate level may register for the unmounted workshops (however, at least 8 years old is recommended). Pony Club Parents and Leaders are welcome and encourage to join in as well. Participants will have unlimited access to all unmounted workshops and may audit mounted clinics.

In 2017 we had many exciting plans for the workshop schedule with some new entries; World Class Grooming with Cat Hill and Emma Ford, Horse Assessment by New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, experience Fencing and learn to use a laser pistol. There will be multiple workshops at the H-B and H-HM/H/H-A levels with an emphasis on improving Teaching and Longeing skills. 

Remember Unmounted Registrants may also audit any of the mounted clinics! 

2017 Festival Education Unmounted Workshops-2020 Workshops TBD

  • Bandages & Boots - D & C Levels
  • Conormation as it Relates to Lameness
  • Diseases of the Hoof
  • Digestion and Anatomy
  • Equine Acupunture
  • Equine Dentistry
  • Equine First Aid
  • Equine Nutrition
  • Farrier/Hoof Care
  • H-B and H/H-HM/H-A Teaching and Longeing Skills
  • Transitioning the Off-the-Track Thoroughbred presented by New Vocations
  • How to Complete a Record book (D-2-C-2 level)
  • Laser gun shooting with Modern Pentathlon Experts
  • Pre-purchase Exam
  • Saddle Fit
  • Sport Psychology and Rider Fitness with Daniel Stewart
  • Toxic Plants
  • Trailer Safety
  • Vaulting
  • World Class Grooming with Cat Hill & Emma Ford


2017 Festival Education Additional Unmounted Opportunities


Join us Saturday morning at the USDF building for a session on biomechanics, the science of movement of a living body and how it produces this movement.  USDF has produced six new biomechanics videos for this program.  The presenter will discuss them with questions from the participants in between the videos.  The contents of the presentation will cover the following topics:

The Parts of the Horse How the Horse Moves The Abdominal Muscles The Motion of the Hindlegs
Flexors/Extensors Braking The Rib Cage Summary
Nuchal Ligament The Neck The Forelegs  

SPACE IS LIMITED.  Please sign up on your Education registration to attend.  There is no additional cost.

Standards & Certification Clinic - D Level

Following the Education Participates briefing on Saturday in the Covered Arena will be a Standards & Certification Clinic focused on the D-Level.  The session will be a live presentation of riders at the D Level with explanation and demonstration of skills required at each level. This is a great visual for new members, parents and instructors that want to understand the differences between the D-1, D-2, and D-3 rider.  Open to all.

Masters Clinics

Saturday evening, at the Covered Arena, will be a Masters Clinic presented by Lendon Gray. Lendon, a graduate Pony Club A and two time Olympian, will be demonstrating her excellent Dressage teaching and training skills. This was a huge hit in 2014!

Sunday evening will be a Driving Demonstration (in the Covered Arena) by multiple levels of equestrians and horses. There might even be a competition, this should be very exciting to watch!

INCLUDED IN any Festival Education Registration.