Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is vital to the success of Pony Club programs and in supporting clubs, centers and regions. National participating membership dues cover approximately 40% of the total cost involved in providing programs, services, and support for each member, volunteer, club, center, and region. The remaining 60% comes from other sources such as the fundraising efforts of the national organization through the Annual Fund.  Any gift to Pony Club, no matter the size, makes a difference.


Special Events and Seminars

Convention and Equine Educational Symposium

This Symposium brings together 1,000 Pony Club youth and adult members, volunteers, club, center and regional officers, and parents from all across the country for a weekend of workshops, meetings, educational activities, and making memories.


USPC Championships is held every year for teams and members who have qualified in all of the Pony Club competitive disciplines. Every third year USPC Festival is held at the Kentucky Horse Park. This exciting week begins with the National Championship competition, followed by a not-to-be-missed selection of educational workshops, clinics and seminars taught by renowned, expert instructors.

Mattingley Leadership Training Fund

The Mattingley Leadership Training Fund supports training for club, center, regional and national volunteer leaders at the Convention and other venues.

Penrose National Examiner Educational Fund

To support the ongoing educational opportunities for the USPC National Examiners.


Designated Funds

Endowment Fund

This permanently established fund grows through life memberships, bequests, donations and other means as recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Governors. The purpose of this fund is to provide program excellence in USPC operations.

Building Fund

The USPC Building Fund is supported through the purchase of bricks in the Faithful Equine Friends Walk of Fame. This fund supports the ongoing operations, upkeep and maintenance of the National Office and the surrounding grounds.

Disaster Relief Fund

The Disaster Relief Fund aids Pony Club families and horses in the aftermath of an accident or natural disaster such as fires, hurricanes, and floods.

International Exchanges

Francis Pitts Memorial Fund

In memory of Frances Pitts, a member of the 1995 International Games Team, this fund was established to support activities of the International Games Teams of USPC.

Strassburger Fund

Used to support the activities of the International Tetrathlon Teams of USPC.

Inter-Pacific Fund

Used to support activities of the Inter-Pacific Exchange Teams of USPC.

International Exchange Fund

Used to support the teams of various disciplines in cultural and competitive International Exchanges.

College Scholarships

Anson W.H. Taylor Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2006 to honor Anson Taylor for his work with The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. and The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource. This fund awards an annual scholarship for higher education to a current Pony Club member to reward efforts on behalf of land conservation.

Dorothy Renfro Memorial Fund

Established to honor Dorothy’s love and devotion to Pony Club. This fund awards an annual scholarship for higher education to a current Pony Club member who demonstrates the qualities which Dorothy valued most: leadership, horse management, and volunteering time and energy to beneficial activities.

Stanley R. and Martha C Helbert Memorial Scholarship

An annual scholarship for higher education given to a current Pony Club member to encourage their academic pursuits in the area of Liberal Arts such as literature, music, theater, and visual arts.

Member Opportunities and Recognition

Anne Lenhert Memorial Fund

Established in 2006, this fund provides grants for clubs and regions to host a Visiting Instructor.

Eleanor Brennan Memorial Fund

Established in 2008 by friends and family of Eleanor Brennan, it provides funding for Instructor Certification Program workshops hosted by USPC, as well as scholarships for Pony Club instructors and members who attend ICP workshops at other venues.

National Youth Congress & Academy of Achievement

NYC recognizes H-B and up Pony Club members who have been nominated by their regions to participate in the National Youth Congress along with outstanding Pony Club Alumni for two full days devoted to meetings, workshops, lectures and networking for youth members and alumni.

Pony Jumper Team

To support the USPC team competing at the USEF Pony Jumper Finals.

Keith Taylor/Sheila Hundt Memorial Fund

Established in memory of Keith Taylor and Sheila Hundt, the money from this fund is used to award the highest placing current Pony Club member in a specified 3-Day Event, and provide donations to the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource and the USPC Annual Giving Campaign.

Brookfield Conservation Fund

This Fund supports the Brookfield Conservation Award, which recognizes outstanding effort made in the area of land conservation, preservation, and stewardship.

The Middle Tennessee Pony Club Fund

To provide support annually to the Quiz Championship competition of The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. Read the history of the Middle Tennessee Pony Club as written by founder, Miss Margaret Lindsley Warden.

The Margo Leithead Cornerstone Award for Excellence in Horse Management

This award, named in honor of Pony Club's 19th President, Margo Leithead, recognizes the Teams demonstrating excellence in Horse Management during competition in all disciplines during USPC Championships event(s). This award will be first presented in 2014 during the Championships portion of Festival.