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The Trip Harting Fund

The Trip Harting Fund was created thanks to donations to The Dressage Foundation from Trip's friends and supporters. This fund provides grants up to $500 for a current or graduate rider with a Pony Club Certification of B or A to assist in attending the USDF "L” Education Program or USDF Instructor Certification Program.

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United States Dressage Federation Instructor Certification

The USDF Instructor Certification Program is designed to educate instructors about the theory and skills fundamental to teaching the classical concepts of dressage. Certification candidates must demonstrate proficiency according to specified standards for each certification level offered. The certification levels offered are:

  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; Training through First Level
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; Second Level
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; Third through Fourth Level
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; FEI A
  • Certified Instructor/Trainer; FEI B

For more information on this program, you may visit the USDF website at  or contact the Instructor Certification Program Liaison, (859) 971-2277.




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