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Foxhunting Recognition Program

Pony Club members can receive recognition for their Foxhunting knowledge through the Foxhunting Recognition Program. The Foxhunting Recognition Program is separated into two sections: unmounted and mounted. The unmounted portion can be completed individually, and is required as part of the mounted section. Upon successful completion of the unmounted portion, the candidate will earn a Fox Pin to be worn on the lapel. If the candidate chooses to also fulfill the mounted portion, they will receive a certificate and USPC Foxhunting Pin.

Please print off and fill out "SECTION ONE - Unmounted", "SECTION TWO - Mounted", or both; upload them to the "Foxhunting Recognition Program Application" link to complete the application process. All applications must be submitted utilizing the link below by April 10th of the current year; awards will be distributed following the deadline.

SECTION ONE - Unmounted


Foxhunting Recognition Program Application

MFHA Fairly Hunted Award

Awarded by the Masters of Foxhounds Association, this recognition will be given each year to any young person who hunts five times and is so acknowledged by a Master. No examination is given and no requisite skills are required- just having had the experience of participating in hunts.

Anyone under 18 who participates in foxhunts is eligible, regardless of whether he or she is a member of Pony Club. The MFHA Board of Directors presents participants with a pin, certificate, a one-year subscription to Covertside, the Magazine of Mounted Foxhunting, and their names are mentioned in an honor roll at the MFHA annual meeting.

Visit the MFHA website for more information and to find a hunt in your area.

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