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Gymkhana is a mounted competition in which riders display their horsemanship and teamwork through precise, controlled actions at high speeds. Each race is designed to allow the rider/horse team to demonstrate their skill, control, and partnership through variations of speed, turning and navigating obstacles, hand eye coordination, and safely completing the race. Gymkhana provides a fun sport that teaches sportsmanship and the proper care of mounts in members of all ages.


A Gymkhana rally will generally offer a variety of different races; from as few as four to as many as twelve per day. The competitions may be held in nearly any type of venue, although soil or sand footing is recommended as well as some type of perimeter fencing. There is a timer which records the time taken by each competitor in each race. Each race is run with one rider in the ring at a time. Most of the races are completed with poles and/or barrels, although there are some race options with a few other types of equipment. At the highest levels, it is expected competitors will run these events at speed. Good horsemanship and safety are always a priority and there are divisions even for the beginning rider.

Gymkhana in Pony Club

Gymkhana in Pony Club offers opportunities anywhere from the local level to the national level. Members who are eligible and meet the requirements of the current Gymkhana rulebook at their regional rally may go on to compete at Championships.

Gymkhana Awards & Opportunities

Gymkhana is the newest competitive sport in Pony Club. Members can participate in Rallies and Championships in the fast paced, fun competition. 
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Opportunities, Grants & Awards

Pony Club offers annual awards to its members who participate in the sport of Gymkhana.

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