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Hunter Seat Equitation demands conscientious training, diligent practice, and an unswerving attention to detail.  Riders practice correct form both on the flat and over fences.  The ultimate goal is to produce a picturesque clear round while making it look effortless.


Pony Club has designed a specific educational track for Hunter Seat Equitation.  Members are encouraged to participate in local and national competitions to exhibit their skills.  Clubs, centers, and regions may hold events specifically for Hunter Seat Equitation and members may qualify for Championships in other disciplines offered by Pony Club: Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Tetrathlon, Polocrosse, and Quiz.

Horse Management remains an integral part of the Hunter Seat Educational track and teaches proper care of the rider’s horse or pony.  All members are taught correct handling, veterinary care, farrier needs, and several other important parts of horse care regardless of their chosen discipline.

Hunter Seat Equitation in Pony Club

Based on the traditional hunter riding style, Hunter Seat Equitation has been incorporated into the Pony Club program as an educational track.  Hunter Seat Equitation in Pony Club strives to create riders who can maintain a basic balanced position on the flat and in the open that leads to developing good jumping skills and position over fences.

Members who choose to pursue this discipline may now focus specifically on it from the D-2 level on through the C-2 level.  After achieving their C-2, members who wish to stick with this track move on to the Show Jumping certifications.

Equitation is also a component of Pony Club’s Show Jumping rallies.  Riders are scored on how well they maintain a basic, balanced position throughout the entire course.  An equitation course usually involves several difficult turns and occasionally a halt or a trot fence.  A rider who makes the course look smooth and easy, with little to no mistakes, will receive a higher score than one who does not.

Hunter Seat Equitation Awards & Opportunities

Pony Club offers many annual awards to its members who participate in the sport of Hunter Seat Equitation, both at Pony Club competitions and at open shows.

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Opportunities, Grants & Awards

Opportunities abound for those wishing to pursue Hunter Seat Equitation during their Pony Club career!  The core values members learn in Pony Club also prepare them for other positions in the Hunter Seat industry.

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Check out the USPC Blog, where we share knowledge for all things Hunter Seat Equitation (and all manner of other Pony Club-related topics)!

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