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It is like lacrosse on horseback!  A logical extension of the Pony Club Mounted Games discipline, Polocrosse develops strong self-confidence in riding ability while improving hand-eye coordination.  Even those just beginning their riding career can manage this game that is lots of fun and encourages the rider to improve quickly.


Polocrosse is a game related to Polo but played with a racquet similar to that used in lacrosse.  The game was developed in Australia in the late 1930’s and is now played with great enthusiasm across the globe.  The game of Polocrosse is played in periods and each individual period is called a chukka.  Chukkas are usually six to eight minutes in length.  Each team plays four chukkas a day.  Players use a ball made of soft rubber that bounces well and is caught, thrown, or carried in the net of a cane racquet.

Polocrosse requires practice of ball handling skills – bouncing, picking up, and throwing and catching the ball in the net of the racquet.  Players learn to cradle the ball in the racquet while guiding their horse or pony with one hand on the reins and the use of their legs.  Horses catch on quickly as well, and seem to enjoy the game as much as the riders.

Polocrosse in Pony Club

A Polocrosse team in Pony Club consists of three players and one or two Stable Managers who may participate as a replacement.  Each rider may use only one horse or pony per game.  Almost any size horse may be used, regardless of breed or height.  

Polocrosse Awards & Opportunities

Pony Club offers many annual awards to its members who demonstrate excellence in the sport of Polocrosse, both at Pony Club competitions and at open events.

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Opportunities, Grants & Awards

Opportunities abound for those wishing to pursue Polocrosse during their Pony Club career!    The core values members learn in Pony Club also prepare them for other positions in the Polocrosse industry.

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