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The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., offers cultural exchanges in many disciplines. The experience affords each participant a new cultural, educational experience, often with a competitive team endeavor, whether hosted in the United States or abroad. Most exchange trips last a couple of weeks. Members travel with their team and stay with a host family in the country where they are competing. Each team will travel with a Coach and Team Manager selected by USPC. The Coach and Team Manager will be responsible to the safety and sportsmanship of all members while on the exchange. Exchanges are offered in Games, Tetrathlon, Inter-Pacific, Foxhunting, and Quiz. Each exchange has its own age and certification requirements. Members who meet the criteria for the requirements are encouraged to apply.

Current & Upcoming Exchanges

* Exchange planning is currently up in the air because of COVID. Thank you for your patience as we work through the logistics of international travel. 

2021 - Foxhunting Exchange,  Dates TBD, hosted by USPC

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2022 - Mounted Games Exchange, Dates TBD, hosted by Australia

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2022 - Tetrathlon Exchange,  Dates TBD, hosted by The United Kingdom

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Tentative Future Exchanges


  • Inter-Pacific, January, hosted by New Zealand
  • Mounted Games, hosted by Canada
  • Quiz, hosted by the United States


  • Tetrathlon, hosted by Australia

  • Mounted Games, hosted by The United Kingdom


General Team Member Selection & Criteria

Each Exchange has specific criteria for participation and selection of team members, but there are some general guidelines and criteria that may be useful as you explore your potential for participation in these exchange teams. 

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Access the International Exchanges Handbook  for complete details (found in the section for Non-Competitive Activities).

General Coach/Team Manager Selection & Criteria

The USPC selects coaches and team managers who will travel with, and be responsible for, the International Exchange team. This is a great opportunity to experience what the exchange is all about. A coach or team manager may not be a current coach o parent of a current International Team member, unless there are no other qualified candidates.

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Past International Exchanges

Take a peek through their blogs and journals at the experiences of the USPC members who have been on an Exchange. 

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