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It is the mission of the National Youth Board (NYB) to act as a liaison between the youth membership of USPC and the Board of Governors by communicating the needs, ideas, and concerns of USPC youth to governing officers. NYB members provide member insight and bring forward ideas and proposals regarding important issues, as well as conduct independent projects under the direction of the national office.

Delegates of the NYB must be between 18 - 23 years of age, highly motivated and dedicated, and have strong leadership and communication skills. It is expected that delegates maintain open communication with the members they represent, providing an efficient medium for communication in a professional manner. Their work requires regular communication with other NYB members, USPC Board Committee members, USPC staff, and the greater USPC community. 

The current NYB Chair and the previous Chair also serve as full members on the USPC Board of Governors.  In addition, members of the NYB represent the youth members on various Board and Council Committees.


Meet the NYB

The National Youth Board has five committees that work on projects throughout the year. 

National Youth Board Committees: Marketing, Pin Promise, Regional Youth Boards, Service, Upper Level Opportunities

The National Youth Board members are available to discuss any questions you may have about NYB, its mission or to share ideas for topics or projects you’d like the NYB to explore. 

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Become a NYB Delegate

Find out about the make-up of the NYB and the qualifications to become an NYB delegate.    

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Youth Board Development

The National Youth Board is committed to spreading awareness and encouraging the formation of Youth Boards at the regional and local levels. 

Visit the Youth Board page for information and tips on forming a Youth Board in your region and/or club/center.

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NYB Newsletters

Along with working with the established Board and Council Committees, the NYB also works as group on specific projects for the benefit of all members of Pony Club. 

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Pin Promise

The “Pin Promise” was created to inspire current members and alumni to wear their pins beyond Pony Club functions.

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Leadership Development

The members of the National Youth Board feel strongly that leadership opportunities for older youth Pony Club members are vital for their continued interest and enjoyment in the organization.

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