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The USPC National Youth Congress (NYC) was established in 1998 in order to recognize outstanding Pony Club members and build on the leadership skills they've developed throughout the years. The NYC provides intensive leadership training to 18-23 year old Pony Club members who have attained a National Certification (C-3, H-B, B, H-A, or A). Members are challenged to apply their Pony Club experience to make meaningful contributions to the larger world and think about how they can continue to use the leadership skills developed through Pony Club in their school and future careers.

The National Youth Congress experience includes mentoring and networking with members of the USPC Academy of Achievement, Pony Club alumni from all over the country who are current leaders in a variety of fields. They also meet with members of the USPC Board of Governors.

When is the National Youth Congress held?

NYC coincides with the USPC Convention each year. This event traditionally takes place in late January/early February. The location rotates around the country each year.

What happens during the NYC meeting?

NYC is all about the participants and their development. Over two and a half days, NYC participants get to know each other, hear from Academy of Achievement alumni about their careers and lessons, and work through different leadership development skill building exercises. There are small group activities, large group discussions, and projects for the participants to work on and apply new skills. NYC participants also typically have a social outing or field trip, enjoy an end of program reception, and spend time meeting the National Youth Board (NYB) and Board of Governors during the sessions.

In addition to the above opportunities, one of the critical takeaways from NYC is the expansion of a personal network with professionals in a variety of career fields and with other delegates from across the country. This includes consistent engagement throughout the NUC meeting with the Academy of Achievement alumni who participate in all portions of the event.

Along with personal growth, NYC delegates also tackle areas of growth and opportunity for USPC. They identify challenges and possible solutions which often get presented to the Board of Governors during the Equine Symposium and Convention - and many go on to become Pony Club initiatives. 

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NYC Year Book

Meet this year's delegates and learn about their activities and achievements.

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Delegate Criteria & Selection Process

Youth delegates to the NYC are nominated by the DC or CA to the RS.  Each region may select one youth delegate and one alternate delegate for the annual National Youth Congress, held each year prior to the USPC Convention. Please note, alternate delegates are not guaranteed a seat at Youth Congress.

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Academy of Achievement

Each year several USPC alumni are inducted into the Alumni Academy of Achievement, and join the delegates during the Congress. Individuals inducted into the Academy of Achievement  have made outstanding achievement after graduating from Pony Club in any field of expertise.

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