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The National Youth Board is committed to spreading awareness and encouraging the formation of Youth Boards at the regional and local levels.  See below for hints and tips on forming a Youth Board in your area.


Regional Youth Boards

In 2013, the National Youth Board (NYB) set a goal to create and maintain successful Regional Youth Boards (RYB) across the country. Many Pony Club members may already be familiar with the Youth Board concept on the local level. This will not only help retain each region's older members, but is also a vital piece of the direct communication link between the USPC Board of Governors and the general membership which the National Youth Board serves.

There are several reasons why members of the NYB feel this issue is so important:

1) Forming strong inter-club/center friendships at an early age is felt to be an important component in why older members stay involved in the organization. Regional Youth Boards provide social opportunities for these friendships to develop.

2) As some clubs are getting smaller, it is becoming increasingly difficult for these clubs to provide former mainstays of the Pony Club program, such as peer-to-peer instruction. Regional Youth Boards consolidate upper level resources and allow these important programs to continue to be delivered to members at the regional level.

3) Regional Youth Boards can complement regional opportunities by organizing and holding their own social and educational activities.

4) Some members are eager to serve the organization in leadership roles. Regional Youth Boards provide this opportunity for those who may be interested.

If you are interested in forming a Regional Youth Board in your region, or are looking for ideas to improve your region's Regional Youth Board be sure to check out these resources:

Regional Youth Board Committee Newsletters Presented by NYB

Each Newsletter highlights one established Youth Board and contain tips and information to maintaining a successful Youth Board.

  • Issue 1 - highlighting Great Lakes Regional Youth Board
  • Issue 2 - highlighting Central New England Regional Youth Board
  • Issue 3 - highlighting Big Sky Regional Youth Board
  • Issue 4 - highlighting New York/Upper CT Youth Board
  • Issue 5 - highlighting Rocky Mountain Youth Board
  • Issue 6 - highlighting North Central Prairie Youth Board
  • Issue 7 - highlighting Tri-State Youth Board

Club/Center Youth Board

The National Youth Board strongly encourages all interested and eligible members to join their club or center youth boards.  If your club or center does not have a youth board we recommend that you contact your DC or CA about creating one.

DCs and CAs may contact a National Youth Board member to talk about how a youth board can be structured to be an asset to the club or center.

National Youth Board

Interested in applying to be a delegate to the National Youth Board?  We encourage all Pony Club members 18 and over to apply!   Learn more.

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