Pony Club is an educational organization with a program that teaches riding and horsemanship. Pony Club fundamentals include instruction, safety, sportsmanship, stewardship, and leadership. The skills, habits, and values instilled through horsemanship apply to many aspects of life. Good horsemanship extends far beyond skills in the saddle.

Pony Club members gain an impressive depth of knowledge in equine behavior, training, health and fitness, nutrition, veterinary care, and the correct use of equipment. Strong business skills are built through stable management: budgeting, record keeping, and interacting with professionals in the equine industry. Members have opportunities to get further involved through volunteer leadership positions, as well as additional programs, such as international exchanges, regional and national clinics, youth boards, and college scholarships.

There are a variety of different membership types, and membership is open to all ages and experience levels—whether you are just starting or have been actively involved with horses for years. 

Online Membership is an option for members of all ages to have access to an interactive online experience and access to Pony Club resources.

There are three types of Online Memberships available.

Supporting Memberships consist of Corporate Memberships. A Corporate Membership is for individuals 18 years or older & is required for Pony Club leaders.

There are two types of Supporting Memberships available.

Participating Membership is for individuals who want to ride and take part in the fun and educational offerings of USPC along with other members.

There are two types of Participating Memberships available.

Professional Membership is an option for individuals, such as instructors, professors, teachers, and other educators interested in ready-to-teach educational materials for their students.

Participating Memberships

Club/Center Membership

Individuals who wish to participate in mounted and unmounted meetings, clinics, rallies, certifications, exchanges, or other special opportunities may do so by becoming a member through a local Pony Club or Pony Club Riding Center.

National dues are outlined below. Regional and local dues vary; be sure to check with the District Commissioner (DC) or Center Administrator (CA) of the club/center you wish to join for more details.

2024 National Dues:
New Member: $155                    Prorated New Member (joining between 9/1 and 12/31 for 2023 & 2024): $200
Renewing Member: $145           Prorated Renewing Member (rejoining between 9/1 and 12/31 for 2023 & 2024): $180

2023 National Dues (for the remainder of 2023 ONLY):
New Member: $155
Renewing Member: $145

To complete your membership application and pay national dues online, please see the instructions linked below.

Having trouble completing the online application?
If you are unable to complete an online membership submission, a hard copy may be used. This form must be completed and submitted to the club/center you wish to join. The DC/CA will submit your paperwork to the National Office with the appropriate payment. Please note: Membership activation may be delayed when submitting a hard copy application. Complete the 2024 Membership Application here. If a 2023 Membership Application is needed, please contact the Member Services Department.


National Membership

Pony Club National Membership is an option for members 18 and older, with a C-2 Horse Management certification level or above, who are not able to participate with an individual club or center on a regular basis. A National Membership allows individuals the opportunity to be a member of Pony Club on a national level without a specific region, club, or riding center affiliation.

National Members pay dues directly to USPC, instead of at the local and regional levels. To participate in club, center, or regional activities (rallies, clinics, USPC Championships, etc.), they must pay-as-they-go.

Current Dues: $195

A note about Adult Participating Members from USPC:
All club, center, and national members of the United States Pony Clubs, aged 18 and over, are required to provide proof of SafeSport™ Trained Core Course completion. For more details, please see the Member Protection Training page.

In addition, all members aged 21 and over must complete a favorable USPC or USEF background check. Residents of Pennsylvania may need to submit valid Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearances if applicable. For more details, please see the Background Checks page.

Supporting Memberships

Annual Corporate Membership

An Annual Corporate Membership is a membership option for individuals 18 years or older and is required for Pony Club leaders. This membership connects local leaders/volunteers to Pony Club's national administration by enabling them to vote at USPC's annual Meeting of the Corporation.

As a Corporate Member, you will also receive a subscription to the print magazine, special notices and updates throughout the year, and access to an online directory. The Annual Corporate Membership may be purchased online on a yearly basis.

Current Annual Dues: $60


Life Corporate Membership

Life Corporate Membership is a one-time purchase of Corporate membership that lasts for the life of an individual. Many former members and long-time volunteers stay involved in Pony Club through the benefits of Life Corporate Membership.

Life Corporate Members receive a Life Member pin and certificate. All Life Corporate Membership dues go directly to the Pony Club Endowment Fund to support future generations of Pony Club members.

Current Lifetime Dues: $1,000 (discounted to $375 for current or alumni members between 18 and 25 years old)


Professional Membership & Educational Packages

Professional Membership

Professional Membership is a membership for riding instructors, professors, teachers, and other educators interested in ready-to-teach, educational materials about horses. This membership option has a 365-day term based on the anniversary of the join date. Member benefits include: an online profile, organized and easy-to-understand lesson plans, access to Pony Club IQ with articles relevant to horses, and twice-monthly email newsletter.

Learn more about the Professional Membership and its benefits here.

Current Dues: $95 per 365-day term, based on the anniversary of the join date.


Educational Packages

Professional Members may purchase additional educational packages which provides access to comprehensive materials to help teach basic horse care and riding skills to students. Add-on packages include Achievement Badge workbooks and guides, introductory-level certification materials, and complimentary Pony Club IQ E-Memberships for your students.

Current Options & Pricing: See the current Educational Packages List for details.

Sample Lesson Plans:
View a sample lesson plan available to all Professional Members.
View a sample from the Equine Management Curriculum Educational Package.


Online Membership Options

Alumni Membership

Alumni Membership is an annual membership for former participating members of all ages to maintain a connection with Pony Club while supporting the organization at a level below the Corporate Membership.

With this membership, you will receive an Alumni Membership pin and online access to Pony Club publications. Most importantly, you can continue to be a proud member of the Pony Club family!

Current Dues: $35 per 365-day term, based on the anniversary of the join date.


Friend Membership

Friend Membership is an annual membership open to anyone over the age of 18. This membership option is a way for individuals with an interest in Pony Club to proudly support the organization as a member and is ideal for volunteers, instructors, or family members.

With this membership, you will receive a Friend Membership pin and online access to Pony Club publications.

Current Dues: $35 per 365-day term, based on the anniversary of the join date.


Pony Club IQ E-Membership

Pony Club IQ E-Membership is an interactive online membership. It allows the member electronic access to Pony Club publications, Pony Club IQ, and special sponsor offers. Pony Club IQ is a microsite developed for our members to enhance their equine knowledge with current and reputable information.

Pony Club IQ E-Membership is a yearly, renewable membership.

Current Dues: $15 per 365-day term, based on the anniversary of the join date.

Free Introductory E-Membership available using Promo Code: JoinUSPC.
Create your very own Pony Club online profile and get access to Pony Club digital publications, including our email newsletter!


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