Volunteers are the HEART of Pony Club.

Volunteers truly emulate the Pony Club values of Leadership, Teamwork, and Stewardship.

Our dedicated volunteers assist with many tasks that help our members learn more about horses, all while encouraging teamwork and supporting the United States Pony Clubs (USPC).

EVERY volunteer is an integral part of Pony Club, whether they are on the Board of Governors, a Regional Supervisor, a club officer or center leader, or a family member or friend helping for the day.

Volunteering drives every aspect of the Pony Club mission and provides a lot of rewards to volunteers and to members.
Parents, alumni, and others are welcome to use their talents, skills, and interests in a variety of ways. Horse knowledge is not required for many roles.
To help with volunteer knowledge and enthusiasm, Pony Club provides information and continuing education through seminars and workshops, webinar presentations, handbooks, email discussion groups, and through easy-to-access online core materials and information.


Adult Code of Conduct

USPC respects and values every volunteer within the organization and expects mutual respect among all volunteers. All adults within the organization, including but not limited to volunteers, parents and members, are subject to the USPC Adult Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to USPC By-Laws, Polices, Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct may, at the discretion of USPC, result in being restricted from attendance or participation in Pony Club activities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, situations between adults are not considered bullying. USPC classifies most comparable actions between adults as inappropriate behavior, which is a violation of the Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behavior shall be addressed by the relative level of leadership at which the behavior occurs. Any occurrence of violence – whether the act or threat of violence – should be reported to local authorities immediately or as soon as safely possible.

Local Volunteers

Clubs and centers and the regions in which they are located use volunteers to help provide the Pony Club program to their members. If you are interested in becoming involved, please find a club or center near you and contact the leader listed. To find out about regional events, click on the region's name in the listing of a local club/center to be taken to that region's website.

Local volunteer roles include:

  • An equine veterinarian who teaches an unmounted meeting on anatomy
  • A farrier who gives a clinic on soundness issues in horses
  • Friends and family who assist with the running of a local or regional rally or clinic
  • A farm manager who gives a presentation on proper record-keeping for horses
  • And many other options

Need additional contact information? Please complete the Volunteer Information Form.

Local Leaders and Officers

Without leaders and officers, clubs, centers, and regions would cease to exist. Becoming a leader or officer requires time and dedication to administer effective Pony Club programming, but they are highly rewarding roles.

Leaders and officers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of their club, center, or region, as well as other administrative duties specific to the position. These duties can range from scheduling meetings and certifications, assembling teams for rallies, and renewing members, to completing annual finances, holding leadership meetings, or attending national training seminars.

Leader and Officer positions include:

  • Regional Supervisor and Vice Regional Supervisor
  • Regional Secretary
  • Regional Treasurer
  • Regional Horse Management Organizer
  • Regional Instruction Coordinator
  • District Commissioner and Joint District Commissioner
  • Club Secretary
  • Club Treasurer
  • Center Administrator and Assistant Center Administrator

Chief Horse Management Judges

A Chief Horse Management Judge (CHMJ) is a volunteer, often a Pony Club alumnus, who has earned and acquired the skills and experience to oversee the education and judging of Horse Management within regions, at rallies, and at Championships.

Horse Management (HM) is judged at USPC rallies to reinforce and evaluate the principles, skills, and knowledge of safe, sound, and practical horse care. HM is also tested at each certification level in Pony Club. A CHMJ works with local clubs/centers and regions to help educate members on horse management skills and knowledge and must stay current with their respective requirements of leadership.

NOTE: Through the online application, applicants must invite two parties to complete a recommendation form, one of which must be from a Pony Club affiliated individual.

National Examiners

National Examiners (NEs) are knowledgeable horse people who also have strong ties to Pony Club. Examiners are assigned to each National Level Certification (H-B, C-3, H-A, B, A). They must be currently active in the horse world and have a good understanding of Pony Club programs and goals, and of the Standards of Proficiency. It is important that they have the confidence to apply their knowledge in a tactful, diplomatic way while exercising excellent judgment. Leadership ability, flexibility, and a sense of humor are also equally important qualities.

NOTE: Through the online application, applicants must invite two parties to complete a recommendation form, one of which must be from a Pony Club affiliated individual.


National Committees

The USPC Board of Governors makes decisions based on the work and recommendations of established National Committees.

A few of these committees include:

  • Competitions
  • Discipline Education
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
  • Horse Management
  • Standards and Testing, D through A
  • Regional Administration
  • Safety
  • National Youth Board

More information about Standing and Ad Hoc committees, Activities committees, Instruction committees, and Regional Administration committees can be found at their respective links.

USPC Committees make a variety of national opportunities happen for our members, such as USPC Championships with a variety of disciplines, International Exchanges, National Youth Congress, and many others.

We need YOUR help in keeping our committees strong and active in serving the needs of our members. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please complete the Committee Interest Form or share the link with someone who would be an asset on one of USPC's committees.

NOTE: Committees are typically formed at the end of the year.

Board of Governors

In order to provide the necessary leadership, general management and control over the property and affairs of the organization, Article V, Section 1 and Article VI of the By-Laws establishes a Board of Governors for The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. Board members facilitate the growth of the organization as a whole and work as a cohesive unit to improve the opportunities for our members.

A few of the responsibilities of the board, but not all, include:

  • Establishing and reviewing policies and plans of USPC
  • Contributing and raising funds for the organization
  • Electing the President and other officers of the corporation
  • Representing and speaking for membership at-large
  • Providing continuous oversight and direction to ensure the quality of programs and services offered to members


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