Volunteers assisting a member in the vet box.

Volunteers are the heart of Pony Club. They help with many tasks that are a part of delivering quality instruction, encouraging teamwork, and in the service of the organization. Everyone is an integral part of Pony Club, from the Board of Governors to a Regional Supervisor, from the club and center leaders, to parents and other family members. These dedicated people give their time and talents to volunteer to deliver the Pony Club program to members.

Volunteering drives every aspect of the Pony Club mission and can be truly rewarding. There is an opportunity for parents, alumni, and other individuals vested in the success of Pony Club to be involved. Each person has a talent, skill, or interest that can be utilized to support the overall mission. There is no need to be a horse-savvy person to be considered a valuable volunteer.

Pony Club strives to keep its volunteers knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the roles they play in the organization. Specific seminars and workshops, webinar presentations, handbooks, email discussion groups, and web pages offer easy access to core materials and information.  Volunteers truly emulate the Pony Club values of Leadership, Teamwork, and Stewardship.

USPC is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare and the safety of our Members, Leaders, and Volunteers.  USPC requires satisfactory completion of USPC approved background checks and of USPC designated educational training modules of individuals as specified.  These must be completed prior to these individuals assuming positions or beginning specified membership terms.  Background checks must be repeated periodically and training modules when revisions are made to them.

USPC respects and values every volunteer within the organization and expects mutual respect among all volunteers. All adults within the organization, including but not limited to volunteers, parents and members, are subject to the USPC Adult Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to USPC By-Laws, Polices, Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct may, at the discretion of USPC, result in being restricted from attendance or participation in Pony Club activities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, situations between adults are not considered bullying. USPC classifies most comparable actions between adults as inappropriate behavior, which is a violation of the Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behavior shall be addressed by the relative level of leadership at which the behavior occurs. Any occurrence of violence – whether the act or threat of violence – should be reported to local authorities immediately or as soon as safely possible.

Local Opportunities to Serve

Clubs, centers and the regions in which they are located utilize volunteers to help provide the Pony Club program to their members.  If you are interested in getting involved with a club or center in your area, please visit the Find a Club/Center page to find the contact information for the leaders in your areas.  To find out about regional events, on the information pop up about a club or center in your area, click on the region's name to be taken to their website.

Visit the Find a Club/Center page.

Need further assistance in finding contact information? Please complete the Volunteer Information form.

National Opportunities to Serve

Volunteer Materials

Expense Forms - For volunteers at the National level to complete for reimbursement of expenses.  

Note: Championship Expenses, visit the Championships page; National Examiners, visit the NE Resource page; Convention contact your respective department staff director.

Note: Regional and Local volunteers, contact your RS or DC/CA for the region's or club/center's specific form.

Board of Governors & National Committees

Pony Club is a volunteer based organization, from parents and local leaders, to regional officers, to the Board of Governors, volunteers make Pony Club happen. The USPC Board makes decisions based on the work and recommendations of established Committees. It is our Committees that make the many National opportunities happen for our members, such as Championships in all disciplines, Visiting Instructors, International Exchanges, National Youth Congress, and much more. We need YOUR help in keeping our Committees strong and active in serving the needs of our members.

Nominations of individuals to served on the Board of Governors are reviewed by the Nominating Committee.  The Committee then select a slate of nominees to be presented to the USPC Corporate Membership for election at the Meeting of the Corporation held in conjunction the USPC Convention.

Learn about the qualifications and expectations for Board of Governors and submit a nominee for consideration.  Nominations are due July 1 for consideration for the next year.  However, nominations are accepted and kept on file throughout the year.

If you are interested in serving on a Committee, or know of someone who would be an asset on one of USPC's Committees, please complete the Committee Interest Form.  Note: Committees are typical formed at the end of the year.

Chief Horse Management Judge

A CHMJ is a volunteer (often a graduate of Pony Club) who has earned and acquired the skills and experience to oversee the HM education and judging of Horse Management within regions and at rallies and Championships. Horse Management is judged at all USPC rallies to reinforce and evaluate the Horse Management principles, skills, and knowledge of safe, sound, and practical horse care practices. HM is also tested at each certification level earned in Pony Club. The CHMJ works with local clubs/centers and regions to help educate members on HM skills and knowledge and must stay current with their respective requirements of leadership. 


Application to become a CHMJ

National Examiner

National Examiners are knowledgeable horse people who also have strong ties to Pony Club. Examiners are assigned to each National Level Certification test (H-B, C-3, H-HM/H/H-A, B, A). They must be currently active in the horse world and have a good understanding of Pony Club programs and goals, and of the Standards of Proficiency. It is important that they have the confidence to apply their knowledge in a tactful, diplomatic way while exercising excellent judgment. Equally important qualities  are leadership ability, flexibility and a sense of humor!

Applications to become a NE

NOTE: Through the online application, applicants must invite two parties to complete a recommendation form.  One of which must be from a Pony Club affiliated individual.

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