USPC Google Groups

Local Leaders Group

For all District Commissioners, Center Administrators, Joint District Commissioners, Assistant Center Administrators, Club Secretaries, and Club Treasurers.

Subscribing to the Local Level Leaders Group:

Link to Group information available here:

Send email to:

Regional Leaders Group

For all Regional and Vice Regional Supervisors, Regional Secretaries, Regional Treasurers, Regional Instruction Coordinators, and Horse Management Organizers

Subscribing to Regional Level Leaders:

Link to Group information available here:

Send email to:

Treasurers Group

For all Club and Regional Treasurers – District Commissioners and Regional Supervisors are also invited, other Club and Region officers may subscribe if they wish

Subscribing to the Treasurers Group:

Link to Group information available here:

Send email to:

 Subscribe on Your Own

Individuals wishing to subscribe to the three available Groups should email the previously mentioned addresses.  They will receive an email verification similar to the one pictured below:

By selecting Join This Group at the bottom left, or responding to the email, the individual will be added to the Pending Members section of their respective Group.


Invitation to Join Received

When individuals are sent an invitation to join a Google Group, they should receive an email that looks similar to the one on the right:

To Join the Group:

The recipient(s) will need to click the blue “Accept this invitation” button at the bottom, left of the email.


A Google account is not necessary to be a member of Google Groups; you can still read and respond to discussion through your email account. You will not be able to post files to the Group without a Google account.


If the recipient(s) DO NOT wish to join the group, they can simply ignore the email invitation.

If they DO NOT wish to be added to any Google Groups in the future, there is a link at the very bottom of the invitation where they may opt out completely.

Posting to Google Groups

To post a new Conversation to the Groups, send an email to the corresponding Group’s email address listed previously.


Your email is the beginning of a new Conversation.  The Conversation’s title will be the subject line of your email, while the email body will be the actual post.  As you draft your posts to the Groups, be sure to keep this in mind.


  • Individual Groups act similarly to email inboxes.
  • Multiple Conversations can be held at the same time.
    • When responding from Groups and not your email inbox, be sure you are replying to the correct Conversation and not necessarily starting a new one.
  • From Groups, Conversations can be accessed and all responses are viewable so no need to search through emails.


Responding to Conversations

There are two ways to respond to Conversations posted to the Groups – reply to the email from your inbox or reply to the Conversation from Groups.


When replying from either location, be mindful of who the reply will reach.  From either location, you can reply to the author or to the Group as a whole.

  • If the answer to a posed question will benefit the Group, reply to all.
  • If the comment is to the individual who posed the initial Conversation only, reply to the author.




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