Below is information and forms as they relate to the USPC insurance coverage for clubs, centers, and regions. 

Ensure your Pony Club activity is covered:

Clubs, centers, and regions must complete the List of Locations with the location and date of any activity.

  • LIST OF LOCATIONS: Located through the region/club/center's online record and is accessible to all current club, center, and regional leaders through their personal profile record.  Read the directions for entering locations.
  • COVERED ACTIVITIES: Any club/center scheduled educational activity to which the entire club, center, or region or an entire segment of the club, center, or region (for example, all D-3s) is invited (even if only one rider is involved).
  • NOT COVERED: If an instructor who normally teaches lessons at a club or center scheduled activity also gives private lessons to Pony Club members outside of the club, center, or region scheduled meeting, the private lessons are NOT COVERED.
  • REMEMBER: Individuals are NOT covered by insurance and they MAY NOT participate in Pony Club activities until their Membership Application and dues have been received in the National Office.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There is NO liability or medical coverage in force while a Pony Club member is driving, being driven, or riding to or from a Pony Club activity. All transportation arrangements, including travel to and from rallies, is the sole responsibility of the parents/guardians of participating members.
  • DON'T FORGET: Any participants at a Pony Club activity who are not members must complete the General Activities Release for Non-members (access below).  This must be collected and kept on file.  Also, the optional Medical/Accident Insurance must be applied for (access below).

Non-Member Participation

For Pony Club activities that include non-members, the Optional Medical/Accident Insurance must be applied for, as well as completing the List of Locations for that activity.

In addition, non-members must complete the General Activities Release. This must be collected and kept on file.


Read the FAQs!

E-mail the National Office, or call 859/254-7669 x230. 8:30am – 5:00pm (Eastern Time Zone)

Contact Specialty Program Insurors (SPI) at 800-338-3313 8:00am – 4:30 pm (Central Time Zone)

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