Pony Club celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Annual Meeting and Equine Symposium held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2005. As part of this Jubilee celebration Pony Club recognized many of the incredible volunteers who have made an impact on the organization over these past 50 years. The selection of the Jubilee Legends was based on an objective process of documenting involvement in Pony Club over a twenty-year period. More than 200 Legends were nominated, and categorized into the areas of their involvement including: National, Instruction, Activities, and Regional Legends.

Note: (d) denotes the individual was deceased at the time the award was presented.

National Legends

Elizabeth Alexander Elizabeth “Sis” Gould (d) James K. Ligon Susan Smith
Marylou Anderson Sally Graburn (d) John L. Love Barbara Brewster Taylor (d)
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Bedford, MFH (d) Helmut Graetz Alexander MacKay-Smith, Ex-MFH (d) Margaret “Peg” Taylor
Major General Jonathan R. Burton Corinne Gray (d) Drusilla Malavase Marcia Todd
Larry E. Byers, Ex-MFH Sherman P. Haight, Jr., Ex-MFH Cooky McClung Margaret Lindsley Warden
J. Clarke Cassidy (d) Kay Hales Louisa McKown Elisabeth F. Wesson (d)
Beverly Chester Joan B. Hamill, Ex-MFH (d) Spencer McLean Rufus Wesson (d)
The Chronicle of the Horse Doris Bixby Hammett, MD Col. Howard J. Morris (d) Jim Winsor
Nathaniel Clark, MFH (d) Melanie M. Heacock Harry I. Nicholas, Jr., Ex-MFH (d) Marilyn Yike
Elizabeth Coester, Ex-MFH (d) George Helwig Dolores Parker Roger Yike
Georgia “Maisie” Compton Mary Hofmann (d) Emsie Parker  
Jan Royce Conant Suzette Alger Howard Alburta “Allie” B. Pierson (d)  
Olive Overly Cook (d) Diane Hunter Cynthia Piper  
John Doolittle Ginevra Hunter, Ex-MFH Deirdre Pirie  
H. Benjamin Duke III Joan Ketcham Paula Raye  
Howard C. Fair (d) Millie Kopperl Betsey Gould Reeves, Ex-MFH  
W. Sidney Felton (d) Robert J. Kutil Alice Sherburne Reidy (d)  
Hermann Friedlaender (d) Margo Leithead Elizabeth Searle  
John H. Fritz Roger Leithead, Ex-MFH Jean D. Shehan, Ex-MFH  
Patricia “Trish” Gilbert Robin Lightner Margaret Smith (d)  


National Instruction Legends

Ann Baker Nancy Grout Susan Powers
Mrs. Frank Balboni Edith Ann Cassidy Hanley Cornelia “Mickey” Presnikoff
Marie-Louise Brodnax Frederick Harting, Jr Tony Provencher
Trish Buckwalter, Ex-MFH Ruth Ring Harvie Betsy Raine (d)
Darryll-Ann Buschling Alita “Bunny” Hendricks Jessica Ransehousen
Maggie McAleer Cappelli Virginia Heyward Dorothy Renfro (d)
Laurie Chapman-Bosco Ruth Hoskinson Anne Rieley
Kathy Connelly Anne Hunt Kathie Robertson
Eileen McAleer Hawley Corl Dr. Elinor Jenny Betty Provencher Staten
Peggy Entrekin Gary Keating Kim Lowman Vollmer
Tom Eversole Marge Kittredge  
Judy Fannin Jeannie McAleer Knowlton  
Cathy Frederickson Richard Lamb  
Susan Giddings Patricia Mansmann  
Brad Gordon Pat Maykuth  
Lendon Gray Deb McKenzie-Willson  
Marshall Gray Susan Gould McLean  


National Activities Legends

Neil Ayer, Ex-MFH (d) Mrs. Gilbert Humphrey, Ex-MFH Sharon Saare
Kevin Bowie Sally Ike Margo Sachey
Mrs. T.V.W. Cushny, Ex-MFH Amy Lewis Abby Shultis
Col. Charles Dalton (d) Nancy Lindamood Ian Smith
Beth Dowd Dr. Matthew MacKay-Smith John Strassburger
Col. Clarence Edmunds Dorothy Maxfield Virginia Thorndike
Margaret Good Elliott “Buzz” Moriarty, Ex-MFH Mary Ann Turner
Hilda Gurney Jan Nestrud Colonel Paul Wimert
Roger Haller Carol Noggle Brig. Gen. F.F. Wing, Jr. (d)
Trip Harting Beverly Patrick Georgine Winslett
Reese Howard Laurie Ridge  


Regional Legends

Alane Alchorn – Middle California Mrs. Donald Hebb – Maryland Lana duPont Wright – Delmarva
Mrs. Herbert Alward (d) – Middle California Alicia Henderson – Carolina Peggy Young (d) – Middle California
Mrs. Keith (Catherine) Anderson – Rocky Mountain Kathy Horner – Middle California Anne Zimmerman – Eastern Pennsylvania
Mrs. Gordon (Jane) Auchincloss – New York/Upper Connecticut Barbara Kil – New York/Upper Connecticut  
Marge and Jim Beardsley – Northwest Charlotte Mason – Metropolitan  
Joy Post Bennett – MidSouth Helen McAleer – Eastern Pennsylvania  
Jane Bingham – Carolina Mr. And Mrs. Arthur McCashin – New Jersey  
Elizabeth “Libbitts” Bland – Western New England Sylvia McDonald – Rocky Mountain  
Elizabeth Booth (d) – Western New England Connie McElhinney (d) – Virginia  
Bobbi Coffin – Northwest Barbara Meyer – New York/Upper Connecticut  
Phyllis Corl (d) – Eastern Pennsylvania Suzi Moery – Northwest  
Deanna Courreges – Red River Bubbles Moore – Eastern Pennsylvania  
David and Melissa Crystal – Western New York Mrs. W. R. Pape – Red River  
Jacquelyn “Tammy” Davis – Eastern Pennsylvania Alta Pederson – Red River  
Grace Dawson – Virginia Rachel Pemstein (d) – MidSouth  
Norma Jean Dee – Southeastern New England Michael Ragland – Maryland  
Claudia Rupp Deffenbaugh – Middle California Bodgie Read – Delmarva  
Anne Donahoe – North Central Mary Lou Reese – Middle California  
Kathy Dougherty – Capital Major General Roger Reynolds (d) – Western New York  
Shelley Drake-Kincaid – Southern California Gloria Ripperton – Carolina  
Maureen Dunham – North Central Prairie Hildegard Neill Ritchie (d) – Rocky Mountain  
Patricia duPont – Delmarva Rowena Rogers – Rocky Mountain  
Leona Dushin – New York/Upper Connecticut Henry Schurink – Western New England  
Sue Elliott – Virginia Tuke Shoemaker – Red River  
Ellen Holdsworth Fischer – Tri-State Ex-MFH George Simmons – Carolina  
Eve Fout – Virginia Mickey Skipper – Maryland  
Thanna Franey – North Central Prairie Margot Szabo – Middle California  
Doug and Lorna Garron – Central New England Becky Thompson – Virginia/Old Dominion  
Barb Germann – North Central Prairie Bud Thorp – Midwest  
Anthony and Sally Grassi – Metropolitan Betty Tukey – Northwest  
Mrs. John B. Hannum, Ex-MFH – Eastern Pennsylvania Jenny Williams – White Mountain  
Marjorie Harwood – Midwest Susie Williams – Red River  
George and Iola Hatley – Northwest Shirley Winer – New York-Upper Connecticut  


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