In accordance with USPC Policy 0900 and its Procedures, "USPC requires satisfactory completion of USPC-approved background checks and of USPC-designated educational training modules of individuals specified in the procedures. These must be completed prior to these individuals assuming positions or beginning specified membership terms."

It has become the standard among youth-serving organizations to require volunteers working with children to complete a criminal background check. USPC began developing a program for background checks in 2008. As a predominantly youth-serving organization committed to the safety and security of members and volunteers, USPC must adhere to best practices by requiring a completed, favorable, background check for adult members, leaders, and volunteers over the age of 21.

Who is responsible for completing a background check?

All Club, Center, and Regional leaders and volunteers, as well as participating members of USPC age 21 and over, are required to complete a favorable USPC or USEF background check. If applicable, residents of Pennsylvania may need to submit valid a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Check.

Regular instructors/clinicians, local-level instructors, and volunteers having ongoing contact with members are required to complete both a favorable USPC or USEF background check, or a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Check, and provide proof of SafeSport™ Trained Core course completion. If applicable, residents of Pennsylvania may need to submit valid a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Check.

If you have already completed a favorable USPC or USEF background check within the last three years, or Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearances within the last five years, you will not need to submit a new USPC or USEF background check or clearances at this time. Upon expiration, a new USPC or USEF background check or clearances will be required.

Completing a Leader Background Check

By clicking the red button above (Leader/Volunteer Background Check), leaders and volunteers will be redirected to the Fastrax website, where they will be asked to sign-in via a secure portal, and directed to enter and submit their information to complete the background check.

After reading and signing a release, leaders and volunteers will submit information about himself/herself, including legal name, address, and social security number. Payment will be requested through a secure terminal upon submission of information. For additional information regarding fees, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Completing a Member Background Check

Using the green button above (Adult Member Background Check), Adult participating members now have the option to complete a member background check. This background check DOES NOT satisfy the requirements of a leader or volunteer background check and is only for adult members who hold no leadership or volunteer position within the organization.

Need more information?

Contact the Compliance Coordinator with any additional questions or concerns regarding submitting a background check.

Helpful Tips for Success
  • Enter your legal name as printed on your Social Security card. Background checks with incorrectly entered names, dates of birth, or Social Security numbers do not produce results and will require additional fees for resubmission.

  • If your legal last name is hyphenated, please use a space instead of a hyphen in the last name field.

  • If you have changed your name and/or address recently, please contact the USPC Compliance Coordinator before submitting your USPC background check. Working with our background check provider, we can recommend the appropriate way to enter your information.

  • If you have a Junior, Senior, or numerals after your last name, please do not enter those in the last name field. Please indicate those along with other names you may be using in the box titled Notes.


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