Per Policy 0900, USPC requires all volunteers holding a leadership position within Pony Club to complete the Heads-Up Concussion Training module, which was done in conjunction with the NFL and the CDC Foundation.  Once an individual has gone through the module, they will take the quick Pony Club quiz on concussions so that their record will show that they have completed the training.

In addition, it is recommended that instructors, members who are instructing, parents, and any other volunteers go through the Head's-Up Training.

STEP 1: Training Module

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Following the Training, you MUST return to this page, to complete the PONY CLUB quiz, in order to record on your record that you have completed the training.

Pony Club Head Injury Quiz (Records Completion of Training)

Once your completion has been recorded you will not be able to use the link above again.  To refresh your knowledge and go through the quiz again, use the link below.

Refresher Head Injury Quiz

Additional Resources: 

Pony Club is dedicated to the health and well-being of our members and their mounts. While Pony Club teaches members how to care for their mounts properly and how to work around horses and ponies safely, accidents do happen. A major concern in any accident is the possibility of a concussion.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put together a traumatic brain injury campaign called "Heads-Up," which includes concussions. On their website the CDC has various educational and promotional materials on concussions, statistics and information on concussions (as a whole and by select sports), videos and other resources that are helpful in understanding the signs, treatment and prevention of concussions. 

Pony Club has always believed in on-going education in all areas of safety. Equestrian sports are inherently dangerous and we have a responsibility to our members, leaders, and volunteers to provide the resources, recommendations, guidelines, and policies to ensure that the Pony Club experience is the very best experience.

Return To Play

This book is recommended by the Safety Committee as an additional resource for clubs, centers, leaders, volunteers, and parents.

A big consideration after any fall or bump is assessing when a member may "return to play" and rejoin the Pony Club lesson or activity.

A member believed by a leader, coach, parent, or official to have sustained a concussion during a USPC unmounted or mounted activity or competition shall be removed form play at that time and shall not return to play until the athlete is evaluated by a physician and cleared to return to activities.

Before returning to any Pony Club activity the member/parents and a physician must sign off on the Return to Play form.  Once received, the member may participate in activities again.

In addition, the DC/CA must complete the Head Injury/Concussion Report form.  The information submitted through this form is reviewed by the USPC Safety Committee and is vital to the Committee's work to continue to find avenues in which to education our members and leaders in the different aspects of Safety around the barn and horses and to find ways to reduce the number of incidents that occur.

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