Per Policy 0900, USPC requires all volunteers holding a leadership position within Pony Club to complete the Youth Protection Training. Once an individual has viewed the module sections, they return to the Pony Club site to take a short Pony Club-specific quiz, so that their USPC profile reflects current training.

Training Module

For your convenience, this training session has been divided into three sections.  Following each training section, there is a short corresponding quiz in the middle column to reinforce the main points presented.  You must pass the quizzes at 100% in order to successful complete the module.

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Refresher Course

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Refresher on Youth Protection.

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The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. is dedicated to all aspects of safety for our members and volunteers.  Beyond the safety issues inherent to riding and working around horses and ponies, we also strive to teach our members, leaders, and volunteers the behaviors that can lead to an unsafe environment, specifically bullying and child abuse.

The Youth Training Module has been designed to provide our leaders and volunteers with information they need to know regarding what abuse is, how to report it, and how to design an environment to limit the opportunities for abuse to occur. It also teaches leaders and volunteers what bullying is, how to address it, and how to create an environment that discourages that behavior.

Procedure Regarding Child Abuse

In most states, either all or certain classes of persons are legally required to report child abuse to authorities.

Where classes of persons are defined, they normally include teachers, law enforcement personnel, childcare custodians, and health practitioners.

Each state has made its own determination as to who is a legally mandated reporter, and in some states, a volunteer is a mandated reporter.

Pony Club Parents, Leaders and Volunteers should check their state’s laws regarding the definitions of child abuse and identifying who are mandated reporters.

Visit the US Department of Health & Human Services' website that collects state laws regarding the reporting of child abuse.

Anyone who suspects or has reason to believe that child abuse has occurred at or during any USPC program or activity OR becomes aware of information that a staff member, Pony Club member, or Pony Club volunteer has been arrested, charged or pled guilty to any type of child abuse is to follow the procedure below:

  1. Report the incident to the authorities within 24 hours. If the child is in immediate danger, call 911.
  2. Intervene to prevent continuing abuse if the circumstances do not create an unreasonable risk of personal injury, although requirements to intervene may be governed by state or local law.
  3. Under all circumstances and as soon as practical, contact any of the following  by telephone (859/254-7669) and/or e-mail the Executive Director (youthprotection at or email the USPC President (president at to report the incident and provide specifics regarding the persons involved and the circumstances, including the following: name of the child, present location of the child, nature and extent of the injury, and any other information, including that which led the person to suspect child abuse.
  4. Within 24 hours, fill out and return to the Executive Director the USPC Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Incident Form.
  5. Cooperate fully with any investigation by USPC or by federal, state or local authorities.
  6. Maintain the confidentiality of any information reported as required by state law.

Any intentional and/or malicious false report of child abuse may result in a suspension from USPC activities for the accuser. USPC will make required reports to the appropriate authorities of all incidents of child abuse of which it becomes aware.

Observe these best practices at all times:

  • Always have another adult with you when interacting with youth members (Two Deep Rule).
  • Avoid one on one situations.
    • If a one on one situation is needed it must take place in view of other adults, or the public, where it can be observed and easily interrupted.
  • If a meeting has ended and a member has not been picked up by his/her parent, be sure to have at least two adults wait until a parent arrives.
    • Do not drive the member home without the specific permission of the parent(s) and then only if there is another adult in the vehicle with you.
  • Respect members' right to privacy at all times.
  • When there is an overnight situation be sure that two unrelated adults of the same gender share sleeping quarters with members.
    • Showers and bathroom times for adults and members should be separate.