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Using the links above, a registration may be completed for yourself, family members (on record with the National Office), or other non-members of Pony Club for Festival Education.

Registrations may be started, saved, and completed at a later time. Once completed and submitted, the registration will appear in the Pending Applications section below.

Please note: If you cannot find a family member to register, please contact the Member Services Department for assistance. If you are a parent completing a registration for your child(ren), note that only those who have been recorded as members of Pony Club will be included in the “Register Family” option. To register siblings not recorded as Pony Club members, use the “Register Other” option above.

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Pending Applications

Below are the registrations that you have submitted. Until the closing date of July 8, you may still edit your discipline and activity choices.

If you need to make a change to a registration type (i.e., Mounted to Unmounted, or Unmounted to Mounted, etc.) please contact the Instruction Department.

Please note: Registrations are not complete until payment has been received. In addition, if a change is made to the registration type and additional fees are due, a “pay now” box will appear for you to submit payment.

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Your selected schedule is shown below. This schedule is NOT final and is subject to change. Official schedules will be included in Education packets at packet pickup.

Please note: This section reflects the schedule of the individual currently logged into the Pony Club website.

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